Signs That You Need to See A Vein Specialist

Veins are vessels that bring blood towards the heart. When they become swollen and enlarged or collapse, it is called venous insufficiency, which causes poor circulation in your legs. This can make for very uncomfortable symptoms such as swelling, pain, itching, and even ulcers. If you are dealing with these symptoms, it is time to see a vein specialist at Lakewood Ranch. This is part of how they can catch the problem early and prevent long-term damage. Read below for signs that you need to visit a vein specialist now.

Discolored Veins

When you notice that your veins are becoming discolored, this means they aren’t good. This results from the blood pooling in them and the pressure causing tiny ruptures within them. It would be best to get these checked out to ensure that there isn’t anything serious with your veins.

Swollen Legs

If you are dealing with swollen legs, it is time to see a specialist. This is because your veins are under much more pressure than usual, which can lead them to become enlarged. Once the veins are damaged, they could start deteriorating quickly and cause permanent damage if you don’t get them treated right away.

Twisted Veins

Many people have no idea that twisted veins are a problem. This is where the vein doesn’t follow its proper path, and instead of going straight down towards to heart, it goes in a different direction. It could be moving up or even to the side, but either way, this can cause problems with blood flow which can lead to all sorts of symptoms.

Bleeding Varicose Veins

If you have a lot of pressure in the veins, they can burst. This often looks like a severe problem, but it typically isn’t as bad as it seems. Varicose veins are already stretched out and thinned due to the pressure, so once they start bleeding, all that’s left is for blood to pool around them. This can’t cause any permanent damage, though.


When you are always tired, you must get this checked out. This can sometimes be due to excessive standing or working on your feet, making for some problematic symptoms to go through. The best way to deal with this is to see a specialist who can help you figure out if something is wrong.

Itchy Skin

It would help if you always got this checked out when your legs start feeling itchy. This is a sign that the blood flow isn’t working correctly, and if this continues for too long, you could be at risk of developing ulcers. These can make for a severe problem and one that doesn’t have an easy solution.


When you have ulcers on your skin, it is time to see a specialist because this could be caused. Usually, it isn’t something serious, but if this continues for too long, then it can lead to other problems that are more difficult to deal with. Ulcers mostly appear as a sign of poor circulation, so this is why it is vital to get them checked out.

In summary, you need to visit a vein specialist if you have chronic leg swelling, discomfort, or itchy skin. Ulcers, chronic fatigue, twisted veins, and discolored veins can also point towards a venous problem that needs the attention of a vein doctor.

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