Reasons Your Child May Need a Root Canal Procedure

When the pulp of your child’s tooth is infected by oral bacteria, they will need root canal therapy. When a hole in a tooth goes untreated for a long time, it can become painful. Trauma to the teeth, such as when they become chipped or cracked, can also impact your child. Pediatric root canal New York procedure can help reverse this painful experience by providing your child with a special treatment that will prevent further tooth decay. Here are the signs that your child may need a root canal procedure.

1. Constant toothache

If your child’s toothache lasts for more than a few days, you should take him to an endodontist. The pain can nag the child anytime, or it may go away for a while before returning.

It’s possible that the child will feel discomfort all the way down in the tooth’s root. Pain may be felt in the jaw, face, or teeth surrounding the tooth with the issue.

When your child tells you that they’re experiencing constant pain in their teeth, it is important to seek treatment soon.

2. A Broken or Chipped Tooth

In an accident or while chewing something hard, a child’s teeth can become cracked or chipped. Bacteria can build up in the spaces and cause an infection or inflammation as a result of this.

In some cases, hurting one’s teeth may not cause a chip or crack in the teeth, but it can still affect the nerves of the child’s teeth. It is possible for these nerves to become inflamed, requiring a root canal procedure.

3. Tooth Movement

A child’s tooth can become loose if it becomes infected. This experience can develop due to other complications besides pulpal necrosis and may require a root canal.

Acidic waste products, when they settle on the tooth, can lead to nerve death, which may soften your child’s bone around the root leading to mobility.

If your child feels one or more teeth becoming loose, an examination to determine the underlying issue may be necessary, and the doctor may determine to perform a root canal.

4. Tooth Discoloration

An infection at a child’s tooth pulp may impact the teeth and result in discoloration. Additionally, teeth that have been damaged or have interior tissue disintegration might become grayish-black.

Although tooth discoloration may be due to other causes, it would be best if you notice your child developing tooth discoloration, to take them to the dentist for a checkup.

5. Swollen Gums

A child developing swollen gums around a painful tooth could signify a severe complication requiring a root canal. The swelling may be on and off and the child will feel pain when you touch the swollen gum.

Swelling in the gum may occur due to acidic waste that accumulates outside the root tip area. This complication requires urgent treatment to correct the issue.

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