Why Hair Dryers Are Better Than Towels

Are you one of those hair enthusiasts who spend ample time on your hair to make them look good? You’ve tried everything possible but, in the end, all you have is a dull fluffy hair with split ends. You are probably blaming your hair products already. However, the cause may be due to the way you are drying your hair. Perhaps, it is time to switch your drying technique. Read on to find out more.

Why toweling your hair may be a bad idea

Toweling is easy. It doesn’t require any skill to towel your hair—or so you think. Well, the problem with toweling is not all with the towel but how you use it. Many people are simply not cut out for the complexity of using hair dryers. After bathing, they’ll simply wrap the towel around their head and rub or twist until they get their desired dryness.

Sadly, these motions are hard on the hair and can lead to hair damage. When submerged in water, the hair can absorb up to thirty percent of its weight. This puts pressure on the proteins keeping the hair together. Therefore, adding more pressure with your towel becomes an express route to hair breakage. Unlike towels, hairdryers don’t add any pressure to the hair, but you have to use it properly.

Reasons Why You Need The Hair Dryer Instead of a Towel

1. Hairdryers Are Faster To Use

Imagine spending all your day trying to get your hair dry with a towel, only to end up achieving about 40% of the intended result. One of the things that happen when your hair comes in contact with water is that the cuticle absorbs water and expand. You don’t find a way to remove the water in time, the hair cuticles crack, leaving the hair strands vulnerable to damage.

A hairdryer can get rid of the water in less than half the time you spend trying to do it with a towel. Note that, no matter how much you towel-dry your hair, you still need the blow-dryer. The proper way to dry the hair requires the two. Firstly, you use the towel to blot your hair—no twisting or scrubbing. Then, you’ll use the hairdryer to achieve the desired dryness.

2. Hair Dryers Reduce The Risk Associated With Rubbing a Wet Hair

Trying to get a wet hair dry with a towel puts your hair at a higher risk of breakage than the hairdryer. Using the hair towel always leaves you with this urge of rubbing the hair and squeezing it to get rid of water. The more impatient you are, the more likely you will fall for this nagging desire.

Using the hairdryer will subject your hair to further pressure of rubbing and pulling. The hairdryer is more effective when you take the small hair segments at a time. You can also invest in hairdryer diffusers with prongs for a completely hands-free experience when drying your hair. As an amateur, this accessory will come handy.

3. Hair Dryers Will Save You The Cost of Replacing A Towel

The cost of buying hair towels, especially if you’re using disposable paper towels can be overwhelming over a long time. A hand dryer is a one-time purchase that can last up to ten years or more when properly used and maintained. We all know that towels can’t last that long. Rubbing or twisting the towel while trying to get rid of moisture from your hair further lowers their lifespan.

A bad hairdryer can be fixed or recycled and put into productive use again. A bad towel or used paper towels in most cases constitute environmental pollution as they quickly make their way to landfills. So, if you are thinking of a more environment-friendly way of drying your hair, you should consider hair dryers.

4. The Hair Dryer is More Hygienic to Use

The hairdryer reduces the risk of frequently touching your hair, which can transfer bacteria from the hair to your hands and vice versa. Since we are talking about the health of your hair, it is essential to consider your overall health too. Towels are usually a breeding ground for bacterial if not correctly handled.

The right way to dry your hair

Start by blotting your hair with a towel. Then, set your hair dryer to low heat and speed. Hold the hairdryer about fifteen centimeters from the hair and move it around slowly. Don’t forget to use heat protection sprays to further prevent your hair from any damage that may result from the dryer. Once you feel a particular section of the hair is heating up, move to another part.


Proper hair drying requires both the towel and hairdryer. The use of towels alone to dry wet hair is discouraged because it puts you into the pressure of trying harmful techniques to achieve your goal. However, if you have a hairdryer by the side, you will be more subtle with your towel.

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