Understanding Skin Disorders

Skin disorders are common health problems that affect individuals of all ages. These conditions can turn from being merely a cosmetic issue to a severe health problem. Such conditions that can affect the individuals’ skin include herpes and cancer. Persons with these conditions may have low self-esteem since the conditions undermine their appearances and glowing skin. Therefore, if you experience those skin disorders, you must seek effective treatment from board certified dermatologist Glen Allen, VA. The following is what you could be missing about skin disorders:

What are the causes of skin disorders?

Here are some of the triggers of different skin conditions:

  •         Viruses
  •         Conditions affecting the thyroid and the immune system
  •         Bacteria within the hair follicles
  •         Diabetes
  •         Environmental factors, such as allergens

What are the symptoms of skin diseases?

The symptoms of the skin disorders vary from one person to the other and depend on the condition’s causes. The following are some of the symptoms of different skin disorders

  •         Skin discoloration with patches
  •         Ulcers and sores on the skin
  •         Painful skin rashes
  •         Rough and scaly skin
  •         Red bumps filled with discharge


Here are tips that you can use to avoid the skin conditions and reduce their severity:

  • Limit exposure to the sun

Exposure to direct UV rays for a long time can trigger skin conditions such as age spots and wrinkles. Therefore, individuals should protect themselves from the sun. Use sunscreen whenever you are out on sunny days. Protective clothes such as long-sleeved shirts are also vital in protecting the skin from the UV rays.

  • Quit smoking

Smoking is one of the causes of different health conditions such as skin disorders. Notably, smoking causes the narrowing of the blood vessels, thus reducing the blood flow to the outermost layer of the skin. Consequently, the nutrients and oxygen content, necessary for tightening your skin, are reduced. Therefore, if you have been smoking, you should stop this habit to safeguard your skin from different conditions.

  • Gentle treatment of the skin

Frequent shaving and cleansing of the skin can have some negative impacts on the wellness of the skin. Individuals should reduce their time spent bathing since long showers can remove the oils from the skin. Also, they should use a mild cleanser instead of the strong soaps that can strip vital components from the skin. Use the moisturizer that suits your skin when your skin is dry.

  • Manage stress

Individuals who encounter uncontrolled stress risk developing skin conditions such as acne. Therefore, individuals should adopt stress management practices. Listen to meditation music when your mind is disturbed. Get some rest or sleep if you have been anxious and worried about your life circumstances.

  • Eat proper meals

The composition of your diet plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy skin. Eating more fruits and vegetables boosts the wellness of your skin. Individuals should minimize their processed food intake, which may lead to skin inflammation.

Many people have been developing skin disorders such as age spots caused by adverse environmental conditions. Some of these conditions are painful and thus make individuals uncomfortable. If you are a victim, you should not worry anymore since Absolute Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center has a remedy for you. Patricia O’Connor, MD, and William Gillen, MD, use their vast experience to offer various treatments for skin disorders. Book an appointment and visit the facility to mark the end of your suffering.

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