Say No To Obesity And Control Your Weight For A Healthy Heart

Obesity and overweight increase the risk of diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, and several other factors that contribute to cardiovascular diseases at cardio care.

Abdominal fat, which used to be an energy reserve, was considered a survival factor, now represents a high risk for the heart. This is because activities and lifestyles have changed. In the past, this reserve was spent much more quickly due to the complexity of activities carried out by human beings. Today, human being is much more sedentary than ever before. And with that, the reserve of energy in the form of fat is no longer needed.

Therefore, abdominal fat accumulation increases the risk of clogged blood vessels. This is considering that such accumulation increases the chances of fatty plaques to lodge in the walls of blood vessels (LDL cholesterol), obstructing the passage of blood. Thus, they can cause heart attacks and strokes.

Choose Your Food Well

It is a consensus that a healthy diet extraordinarily improves the quality of life. Reducing the consumption of salt, fats, fried foods, and alcohol, in addition to investing in a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and vegetables, are widely publicized recommendations.

However, did you know that your plate needs to have 5 colors to be healthy? The classic orientation of nutritionists is to put together a colorful meal. So, invest in purple, white, green, red, and orange foods.

Control Cholesterol

High cholesterol is considered a silent disease. Unless you get blood tests, your symptoms are consequences. Therefore, as you have already seen, both treatment and prevention for high cholesterol are based on a healthy diet, frequent physical exercise, fighting obesity and stress.

Take Care Of Glucose

Did you know that people with diabetes are twice as likely (and at risk) of having a heart attack? Recent studies show that the symptoms of a heart attack can be different in people with diabetes. That’s because blood with high glucose levels makes cholesterol and high blood pressure more aggressive. Therefore, taking care of glucose by reducing the consumption of sugars, fats can reduce the risks of causing more damage to the heart.

Don’t Forget About Leisure

Leisure time is essential to reduce stress at cardiocare. However, even in moments of leisure, we need to be careful and take care of our health. Generally, common sense believes that these moments are the perfect occasion to exaggerate: excessive drinking, eating, or dangerous activities. So, take the opportunity to relax, but keep your awareness and find a healthy balance between work and personal life.

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