How can a hand surgeon help you with shoulder injuries?

A hand surgeon is a medical professional who understands every joint muscle and nerve functioning in your arms. They can help you in easing pain after injury and fix any damage done to your arms. In addition, the shoulder is closely connected to the hand. You can also get a consultation from a surgeon for shoulder injuries and pain. An injury in the shoulder can also affect your arm greatly because the same nerves flow through the entire hand. So let us know when you can consult a humble hand surgeon for shoulder-related trouble:

Bone dislocation

If you dislocated your shoulder and that cannot be fixed using a plaster, then a hand surgeon will operate it to fix the ball and help you recover. They understand your hand and shoulder movement better and are trained in operating on patients, and thus you can rely on them.

Have blood clots 

Sometimes accidents and injuries can cause blood clots and internal bleeding, which might cause pain and discomfort after a few days of the incident. So when you spot any shoulder pain or swelling, you can consult a hand surgeon, and they might drain out the blood or perform a minor surgery to fix the internal damage.

Shoulder movement problem 

With age, you may face problems in moving your shoulders properly, and even physiotherapy may be needed. He might not be able to help you.  In such cases, you can consult a hand surgeon, and they will diagnose the underlying problem, such as dried fluid in your ball and socket joint, and provide treatment for the same.

Advice and recommendation 

You can also consult a hand surgeon if you want any advice and assistance, post-surgery or just for taking care of your shoulders. For instance, if you are a sportsman and the game involves using your shoulders a lot, you can get tips from a hand surgeon regarding how to prevent overuse of shoulders and take care of them.

If you have had an accident and damaged your shoulder, you can visit a hand surgeon. They will perform an x-ray to diagnose the problems and prescribe a treatment. They also specialize in surgeries like shoulder replacement. These surgeries can help in reducing pain and getting relief sooner. They can also recommend you to physical therapists who will help in restoring the normal functioning of your shoulders faster and make them efficient as before. So, now you know when you can visit a hand surgeon. 

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