Why Visit a Women’s Health Specialist?

Women have unique medical needs, so an Ob/GYN is often the doctor they prefer to see. These physicians are trained to treat female patients throughout their lives, from puberty through menopause and beyond. However, there are some health care needs that only a gynecologist can address.

Many people visit a doctor specializing in women’s health in Lady Lake for several reasons. Some people may have questions about sexuality and intimacy or other things they feel uncomfortable discussing with other healthcare professionals. Other times, a woman might be struggling with an issue such as menstrual irregularities or fertility problems, and she needs the expertise of a women’s health specialist to help her. In this article, we look at some of the reasons why you should consider seeing a women’s health expert. Read more below.

  • Clinical Breast Exam

One of the essential services that a women’s health specialist can provide is a clinical breast exam. This exam allows the doctor to check for breast abnormalities, such as lumps or tumors. Mammograms are another vital screening tool for breast cancer, and many women’s health clinics offer these screenings free of charge.

  • Preventative Health Care for Women

A women’s health specialist is a great resource for effective preventive care. These doctors have the expertise to understand the various changes that a woman’s body goes through during different stages of her life. They can provide advice about what preventative measures she should take at each stage. For instance, an ob/GYN would recommend specific screenings and tests for women in different age groups.

  • Sexual Health Issues

Many people feel uncomfortable discussing sexuality and intimacy with their regular doctor. However, a women’s health specialist is specifically trained to address these types of concerns. If you are struggling with any sexual health issues, it is vital to seek out the help of a specialist. A women’s health clinic can offer advice and treatment for many different sexual problems, such as low libido or vaginal pain during sex.

  • Issues Affecting Post-Menopausal Women

Most women go through menopause between the ages of 45 and 55. Their bodies undergo hormonal changes that affect their overall health during this time. Some women develop hot flashes, which a specialist can treat. A doctor specializing in older adult health is often the best option for managing their menopause symptoms and optimizing their well-being for post-menopausal women.

  • Pregnancy Visits

If you are pregnant, it is essential to schedule regular visits with a women’s health specialist. These doctors can provide critical care and advice for a woman during pregnancy. They can also help ensure that the pregnancy goes smoothly and that the mother and baby stay healthy. When the time comes for you to deliver, your ob/GYN can handle the procedure carefully.

In summary, every woman should work with a women’s health specialist who understands her unique medical needs. You can visit a women’s health specialist due to pregnancy-related issues, issues related to post-menopause, sexual health issues, and preventative care. They can also help with breast cancer exams.

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