Why the Use of Toothpaste Tabs Is On the Rise

Oral hygiene is crucial since it improves your overall quality of life. It also helps you avoid oral issues that would otherwise make you or the people near you uncomfortable. Brushing our teeth at least twice a day is one of the best ways to keep our oral hygiene in check. Using toothpaste that is in tubes is what most people have been using, but this is slowly coming to an end, all thanks to toothpaste tablets. What are toothpaste tablets? Toothpaste tabs are water-free toothpaste that is made with natural ingredients and pressed into tiny discs. To use them, you simply take one, put it into your mouth, and immediately it foams you can proceed with brushing your teeth as usual That said, let us now look at some of the benefits of toothpaste tabs;

Eco friendly

‘Going green’ is no new term to most of us. There have been many campaigns aiming to educate people on preserving the environment and making it a better place. The use of toothpaste tablets is one of the ways to preserve our environment. The normal toothpaste is usually packaged in tubes that are made of plastic. When the toothpaste is depleted, most people throw the tube, which ends up filling in the landfills for many years. This, in turn, results in environmental pollution. On the contrary, toothpaste tablets are eco-friendly. For one, they are made with natural ingredients, and secondly, the tabs are stored in recyclable packaging.

Easy to use

As aforementioned, using toothpaste tablets is straightforward. You do not have to deal with squeezing the tube and sometimes having it spill over from the brush as it is with normal toothpaste. All you need to do is take the tablet, put it in your mouth, and when it gets in contact with the saliva, it immediately starts foaming. The next thing is to pick your toothbrush, brush your teeth, rinse, and that’s just it.

Promotes better dental health

With the traditional tube toothpaste, the chances of contamination are quite high, especially if many people use the same toothpaste. After a person squeezes the tub and places their toothbrush on the opening, it increases the risk of passing germs to the other person who uses the toothpaste. However, when using the tabs, it prevents such contamination as everyone will be picking their own tablets while brushing their teeth.

Convenient for traveling

Packing for a trip always seems like a daunting task, and, most often, many people pack toothpaste among the last things. Well, getting it to fit in the already full bag is very inconvenient, but the good thing is that today we have toothpaste tabs. The tabs do not occupy too much space. You can easily slip them in the bag, and they will most definitely fit. So much so, when you need to use them while on the trip, you do not have to walk around with a big toothpaste tube- all you need to do is take the small tab, put it in your mouth, and brush your teeth.

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