Why Is LASIK Surgery Gaining Popularity Over Time?

People have become more conscious of their overall physical appearances and the way they are approached by others in society. Though losing eye vision and being dependent on spectacles is a natural procedure for everyone. Yet, people try and get rid of those glasses with the help of LASIK surgeries. Knowing the fact that these surgeries are extremely quick and harmless.

What Is A LASIK Surgery, And Who Is Designated To Do It?

Basically, improving the vision of a person with the help of technology and surgical tools is terms as

Lasik surgery was conducted by a LASIK surgeon. They are professional doctors who are eligible to perform operations on a person to detect the issue of eyesight which can be either near or far-sighted.

Laser vision correction is a primary method to deal with issues related to an individual’s vision. However, only some individuals are ideal patients or candidates for such surgeries. Several tests and check-ups are conducted before considering a person eligible for surgery by a LASIK surgeon.

Which Category Of Individuals Is Eligible For Rectifying Their Vision With The Help Of Surgery?

An individual with a stable and not-so-clear vision is considered the perfect candidate for conducting LASIK surgery. This indirectly reflects that the contact lens of a person should stay the same for a longer duration to perform eye surgery without any defects or defaults. This surgery is only proven suitable for some who aspire to do it.


A comprehensive and expensive eye exam is conducted for the prospects with dilation to check if they are eligible. A few eye conditions may lead to an individual not being suitable for performing the surgery on them. The reasons for the same include

  • A person having extreme dryness issues in their eyes
  • Glaucoma patients
  • Individuals with large pupils
  • People currently have cataracts or conducted cataract operations in the past.
  • Any kind of infection, such as ocular herpes or even keratitis, is not eligible until it is cured.
  • Keratoconus is another type of disease that causes the eye’s cornea to become thin with the passing of time. This eventually leads to not being the ideal candidate for conducting Lasik surgery.
  • An individual suffering from a high level of diabetes

Also, along with the above reasons, age above 18 with regular eyeglasses for atleast 2 years is the perfect candidate. A healthy eye can take up the laser rays and keep the eyes in good condition post-surgery.

How Is The LASIK Vision Correction Surgery Conducted?

Before starting the surgery, the surgeon will examine the shape and thickness of the cornea. They will examine the eyes thoroughly and look for any refractive errors, which might cause issues if detected later. Post this, the surgeon will take the metric measurement of the eyes to have a good understanding of the laser vision correction process.

During the surgery, the eye is first numbed with the help of eye drops specially used for this purpose. Post the anesthesia effect the look, the surgeon uses a laser to cut a thin flap of the tissue in the eye to conduct the surgery. They then pull back the flap to reveal the cornea and make it as perfect as possible.


This is the entire process conducted for the laser surgery, which hardly takes ten to fifteen minutes for both eyes. Some people do not have any issues in both eyes but just one look. Hence, they get operated on only for one eye, facing the problem.

Post the connection of the flaps, the laser is used to burn the small particles and tissues to reshape the cornea to focus on the light directly on the retina. This burning will not cause pain as the numbing drops will help release it. Although a bit of pressure is felt by a few patients while conducting the procedure, which is very typical.

Benefits Attached To Conducting The LASIK Operation

There are hardly any side effects connected to LASIK surgery. It can take a few days to heal. There are numerous benefits of getting this surgery done, such as

  • Getting clear vision without wearing any contact lens
  • No risk of losing or breaking the glasses at any given point
  • Getting normal vision without any blurriness or issues.

These are a few of the benefits that come along with LASIK surgery. It gives a person an overall new look and vision, giving them more confidence and a reason to look forward. Hence, checking yourself thoroughly before deciding to get eye surgery for better vision is essential.

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