Why Is It Recommended to Use Pocket Guide Drug?

Nowadays, there are modern websites that help users for various purposes. One of such sites is Pocket Drug Guide, which is a modern medication guide. The grouping of drugs according to the INN (International Nonproprietary Names) of their active substances facilitates the process of identifying drugs with different trade names. The generalized description of the active substances allows the healthcare professional to evaluate the possibilities of the therapeutic use of drugs containing the same active substance, which do not have a detailed description in the directory.

The recommended drug guide is:

  • Saving time and money when selecting analogs. You can choose and agree on analogues even during a doctor’s appointment;
  • Freedom of choice and independence from pharmacists – you can select analogs and view instructions for any drugs;
  • Confidence in the correctness of the choice – the search for analogs in those manufacturers and countries that we trust. Exclude from the search components-allergens;
  • Confidence in the purchase of quality drugs – verification of registration of the drug, control of banned batches of drugs, copies of documents on the ban;
  • Sense of security – the Medicines Control database is relevant at any time, as it is updated daily;
  • The mention of specific companies or products of certain manufacturers does not mean that they are approved or recommended by the World Health Organization.

Medicines can play a key role in achieving or maintaining health, but it is vital that they are used rationally. If a patient needs treatment, he or she must have access to the right drugs, in the right dosage, and in sufficient quantity for an adequate course of treatment. Health care workers (doctors and pharmacists) play a key role in ensuring that medicines are used appropriately. As caregivers, they need to evaluate different treatment options, including drug therapy.

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