Why Consider Digital X-Rays to View Your Dental Details

X-rays are some of the standard imaging tools dentists will use when checking the details of your oral health. They make it easier to diagnose underlying dental problems invisible to your eye. The New York digital X-Rays specialists have gone a mile further to offer a more reliable and effective approach using cutting-edge equipment. The digital x-ray makes diagnosing potentially severe oral issues easier than traditional x-rays. The technology provides adequate information to help prevent harsh conditions from advancing and protect you from extra radiation energy. Here are some reasons you should opt for digital x-rays.

Reduced Radiations

Many people fear x-rays due to the thought of radiation exposure. Fortunately, digital x-rays are designed to take several intra-oral x-rays within less time and minimal radiation exposure. It can offer about 85 % less radiation exposure than conventional radiography. With digital x-rays, almost everyone can seek the imagery test without fearing radiation exposure.


If ordinary x-rays provide detailed dental information, what about a more advanced technology performing a similar function. It only would be better. Digital x-rays use small sensors that record your dental details and send them to a computer. The image displayed on the screen has improved quality. It can be enlarged, enhanced, displayed as negative, or colorized to give information about a dental condition in question effectively. The software employed can enhance the image but leave the intact data, meaning that your doctor can always go back to the original copy of the information.

Digital Storage

Digital x-rays have storage capabilities that allow your data to be stored in your digital file for easy reference in the future. Your doctor can instantly access previous data in the future to track progress in your treatment. They can compare the data and notice changes during your treatment, such as tooth movement and bone loss or growth. Your doctor can also track down treatments like root canals, fillings, and restoration work, making the treatments more effective. You also become a more significant part of the treatment since you can authenticate what the doctor is doing.

Fast Treatment

Digital x-rays take numerous images and present them instantly. These results minimize the waiting time to display them compared to the traditional x-ray setting. The photos are accurate, and your doctor will take less time to evaluate them. It helps your doctor develop a treatment plan more efficiently without wasting time as they precisely know what is going on.

Eliminate Pollution

Product waste might not benefit you directly, but it is essential to take care of the environment in all aspects. Digital x-rays eliminate the need for film processing chemicals that pollutes the environment. Digital images will be captured without residual chemicals that become hazardous wastes. Traditional x-rays have dangerous wastes and chemicals like Boric Anhydride and Ammonium Thiocyanate, which are hazardous when inhaled or ingested. Eliminating such chemicals will make the environment safe and healthier.

When seeking a dental diagnosis, it would be better to seek providers offering digital x-rays. You can get in touch with DentAlign NYC digital x-rays specialists to earn more about the benefits of the imagery tool. You can also book an appointment to diagnose your oral health complications accurately.

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