Why are Inhalers used for the treatment of COPD?


COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is a condition of the lungs that affects breathing. It is generally considered to be a progressive disease, which means that it gets worse over time. It is characterized by airflow obstruction which is generally faced by people of all age groups. They are generally at the highest risk as they are also diagnosed with other heart problems and lung conditions. With proper lifestyle management and appropriate treatment, it becomes easier for a person to take care of himself and control the symptoms. It also reduces the risk of other diseases and helps a person to lead a good quality of life.


Inhalers are one of the preferred methods of treatment for COPD. They work by delivering the dose of the medication in the form of an aerosolized mist or dry powder. Inhaling the medicine allows it to reach the lungs directly and provide relief to patients quickly.

Advantages of Inhalers-

  • Consistency

You can expect any inhaler to be consistent in its performance. While controller inhalers are used for long-term management of symptoms, rescue inhalers containing short-acting rescue medication give you comfort from symptoms each time you use it. You can expect a lot of benefits from using a good metered-dose inhaler. Each dose is known to contain a specific amount of medicine that helps in taking care of the patient’s condition.

  • Reliable

An inhaler is always known to be one of the most reliable options when it comes to the treatment of different breathing conditions. It should only be used if prescribed by a doctor.

  • Direct

While oral medication takes a longer time to act, the use of an inhaler to deliver medicine to the lungs provides immediate onset of action and faster results compared to other forms of medication. It works very quickly and helps to alleviate the symptoms of the patient. The medicine reaches the lungs directly with the help of the inhaler.

  • Portable and Convenient

Inhalers are small and compact in design, which makes them easier to be carried anywhere. The patient can keep the inhaler with them at all times, in case they experience an increase in severity of symptoms.

Using inhalers for COPD is much more convenient as compared to using nebulizers. Nebulizers often require an electric power source to run on, whereas Inhalers can work without an electric power source. This makes inhalers a much more convenient option to use as a source of electricity can not always be guaranteed.

Proper use of Inhalers

Using an inhaler in the right way is necessary to ensure that the required quantity of the medicine is reaching the lungs. Improper inhaler technique could lead to less than the required dosage of medicine reaching the lungs, thereby not providing effective relief to the patient. It is important for the patient or their family members to know how to use it correctly. It is necessary to consult a doctor on how to use an inhaler.

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