When are Dental Implants in Littleton, Colorado Recommended by Your Dentist?

Missing teeth must be replaced as soon as possible to avoid further damage and complications. When you lose a tooth, it creates a gap between surrounding teeth. When this happens, the remaining teeth will try to fill the gap by shifting towards each other, causing bite issues or even a change to your facial structure. No matter how you lost your teeth, you must consider restorative treatments like dental implants in Littleton, Colorado to restore the original form and function of your mouth. The implants are innovative cosmetic dental treatments that can restore your facial look, confidence, and oral health.

Dental implants are as good as your natural health. They can successfully replace missing teeth because of their ability to preserve your jawbone. They are surgically implanted into your jaw to replace the teeth you lost. They will fuse with the tissues in your jawbone, usually after six months. Then, your dentist will fit the oral prosthetic with a crown or bridge. Your dentist may recommend dental implants because of the following reasons:

Missing Teeth

Dental implants are designed as replacements for missing teeth and teeth roots. Also, they are made to preserve your jawbone tissue. Compared with other oral replacement options like dentures, implants tend to be more convenient because they don’t require special care. Dentures must be cleaned every day or soaked in a special cleaning solution. Dental implants are maintained the way you do with your natural teeth. 

Loose-Fitting Dentures

While dentures are an economical teeth replacement option, they have drawbacks. They are held in place through suction, which means they can lose their stability over time.  Dentures will shift in your mouth, irritate soft tissues, and cause sores. Their instability makes it harder to eat or speak with them. Sometimes, they can even fall out of your mouth while you eat or speak. Dental implants can be utilized to support dentures, increasing their stability when worn. 

Seriously Broken Tooth

Typically, dentists will fix broken teeth using treatments such as root canal therapy or crown placement. However, such options may not be always available. If the damaged tooth cannot be saved with other treatment options, a dentist may recommend extraction of this tooth and placement of a dental implant. When the implantation procedure is completed, you can use your mouth normally like you don’t have an implant in it. The implant will look and feel like a natural tooth. 

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