What Should You Do Before A Deep Tissue Massage Session

A deep tissue massage is an excellent way to relax and relieve pain as the massage uses pressure to straighten twisted and knotted muscles. Unlike other forms of massage that target upper muscle layers, a deep tissue massage targets the deeper muscle layers, thus relieving muscle tension.

A deep tissue massage has many benefits, especially if you are recovering from a sports injury or experiencing tensed and strained muscles due to sports or intense training. What do you need to do before a deep tissue massage for better results? This article contains important tips to help you prepare for your deep tissue massage session.

1.    Ensure That The Physical Therapist You Want to Work With Is Legit

You have read about how great physiotherapy is, and you can’t wait to have your first deep tissue massage because you have been experiencing pain after participating in sports. All you need to do is find a physical therapist and schedule an appointment.

In your excitement, you may fall in the hands of a crook and lose your money or end up paying for substandard services. That is why it is vital to select a professional therapist to work with. Failure to do that may be disastrous, and you may give up on physical therapy.

2.    Know Your Goals For The Deep Tissue Massage

It is essential to know what you expect to gain from a deep tissue massage. So ensure that you have your goals straight before stepping foot into a therapist’s office. In doing so, you will avoid disappointments, and when you have your first session, you can discuss what you expect to achieve with your therapist.

Ensure that you do thorough research about deep tissue massage, sports massage, and other forms of physical therapy before settling on the best option for you.

3.    Take A shower

You may be wondering where is the point of taking a shower and going for a deep tissue massage session while clean while you will leave very sweaty. The reason is that warm water stretches your muscles, and thus if you shower before a deep tissue massage, you will be comfortable during your session.

Additionally, the therapist will require you to undress to the point where you can be comfortable.

4.    Wear Loose Clothes

Like we mentioned before, a therapist will require you to undress so that they can have better access to help you with your back pain, knee pain, muscle knots, or any other issue. Imagine if you show up in a three-piece suit; how long will it take you to undress and dress once your session is over? So keep it simple and comfortable.

5.    Hydrate

Apart from pain relief and relieving muscle tension, deep tissue massage helps flush toxins from your body. Ensure that you start hydrating twenty-four hours before your massage session by increasing your intake of fluids. That way, your body will quickly and efficiently flush toxins.

Over To You

A deep tissue massage is an excellent way of relieving stress and pain as long as it is done by a professional. So ensure that you work with the best physiotherapy clinic, and the results will surprise you.  Ensure that you follow the therapists’ advice, and you will live a healthier life and enjoy participating in your favorite sport.


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