What Is BlueChew? How ED Chewables Are Rekindling Passionate Bedrooms Everywhere!

The COVID-19 pandemic forced everyone to socially distance. Now, with the world potentially opening up again, a return to normalcy is hopefully on the way.  This includes a new opportunity for our sexual health and wellness. For men looking to rekindle the fire in their bedrooms, it might be beneficial to consider signing up with BlueChew, an online telemedicine brand that focuses on ED treatments of chewable Sildenafil and Tadalafil tablets, featuring ingredients found in Viagra and Cialis.

If you are looking to bring a stronger and longer-lasting erection for your sexual performance into the bedroom, see if BlueChew’s telemedicine services can get you there!

What Is BlueChew All About?

Peak bedroom performance can be defined in a number of different ways. Over 52% of men will experience erectile dysfunction at some point in their lives. This number only increases as we age.  BlueChew makes it easier to find the ED medications and ED solutions that men need to live their best life in the bedroom. You might be wondering, what is BlueChew then?

BlueChew is an online telemedicine platform that offers prescription-based chewable tablets to help men experience stronger and longer-lasting erections when it comes time to perform. Whether you have a special date night planned or the kids are staying at Grandma’s house, BlueChew has your back for those special moments.

Here are a few fantastic ways that BlueChew can make life easier for men ages 18+ looking to rekindle some excitement in the bedroom.

  • Free Online Consultation — An online health assessment under the guidance of the BlueChew team is simple and easy to go through. This assessment looks at your general health and will help guide men toward the chewable Tadalafil or Sildenafil tablets they need.
  • RX-Only Chewable Tablet — BlueChew is a reputable firm that works with you to get you the proper treatment that you need. These prescription-based chewable tablets can be accessed and ordered online for discreet delivery to your home.
  • Convenient ED Medications — BlueChew’s tablets are prescribed online and delivered to you, only through BlueChew’s website. BlueChew brings the convenience of all the steps needed to safely and securely deliver ED medications directly to your door. BlueChew YOUR Way — BlueChew’s chewable tablets are available in a range of strengths and pricing plans. Sildenafil is accessible in 30mg and 45mg doses, while you can get Tadalafil in either 6mg or 9mg. Licensed medical providers are also available online 24/7 to make sure that you receive the support you need when it is time to chew!

Discreet Chewable Tablets Delivered to Your Door

As one of the most prevalent sexual hurdles men experience, addressing ED with BlueChew’s chewable tablets can become the perfect way to feel and live better between the sheets and with the one that you love. To experience stronger and longer-lasting erections in the bedroom, follow this simple process.

  1. Complete an Online Health Assessment — To find out if Tadalafil or Sildenafil is right for you, get started and sign up to speak to the team at BlueChew for an online health assessment. This assessment will lay out the groundwork for which medication is right for your sexual needs.
  2. Select Your Plan — BlueChew makes it easy to get back into the swing of things with a range of affordable plans. Tadalafil and Sildenafil are available in two different dose strengths, along with four quantiy options through Active, Busy, Popular, and Pro Plans.
  3. Approval and Delivery — After submitting an online health assessment, applicants can be confirmed within 24 hours. After confirmation, your chewable tablets are on the way with most deliveries accomplished in just two days. All products are shipped in discreet packaging to keep your comfort a priority.
  4. Time to Chew — Chewables offered by BlueChew can offer a unique experience free from many of the constraints that old ED medications possess. Tadalafil will work within one to two hours with effects lasting up to 36 hours! Sildenafil takes effect within 30 min to an hour and has a window lasting up to five hours.

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