What are the Health Benefits of PRP?

Regenerative medicine is a technique that enhances the body’s natural healing ability through the regeneration of new cells to repair and replace damaged cells. It occurs in different forms, including platelet-rich plasma and stem cell therapy. This medical field continues to make remarkable contributions in the medical world, including aesthetics.

The treatment provides excellent outcomes in fighting aging signs and enhancing skin rejuvenation. Dr. Moghadam uses PRP in Santa Monica to offer various health benefits, including relieving joint pain, treating hair loss, refreshing the skin, and promoting sexual health. Call Modern Aesthetica today to find out how you can benefit from PRP therapy.

What is PRP?

Platelet-rich plasma is an advanced treatment that stimulates and promotes the natural body healing mechanism. Your provider prepares PRP from your blood sample by processing it in a centrifuge to acquire a high platelet concentration. The concentration has proteins and growth factors helpful in healing.

At Modern Aesthetica, your provider injects the highly concentrated platelet sample into your skin to enhance and accelerate your body’s natural healing abilities.

What pain conditions does PRP treat?

PRP therapy is also effective in treating different acute and chronic pain conditions. It effectively treats the cause of your pain, relieving the symptoms.

The following pain conditions may benefit from PRP.

  •         Hip pain
  •         Lower back pain
  •         Shoulder pain
  •         Sacroiliac joint pain
  •         Knee pain
  •         Ankle and foot pain
  •         Shoulder pain

Treatment with PRP is highly effective, with improved healing and without the need for surgery.

What are the aesthetic benefits of PRP?

Modern Aesthetica also uses PRP to address various aesthetic concerns and to reduce and eliminate anti-aging symptoms.

PRP facial

A PRP facial treatment at Modern Aesthetica involves your provider administering the PRP injections to your face. Dr. Moghadam also uses micro-needling to draw the PRP healing properties into your skin. The growth factors in PRP enhance the generation of collagen, which stimulates a healthy skin glow and a younger appearance.

Hair restoration

PRP also provides excellent outcomes for hair loss. Your provider injects the PRP into the areas with baldness and hair thinning.  It stimulates the growth of healthy and strong hair follicles.

How does PRP promote sexual health?

PRP improves sexual health in men and women through the following:

Vaginal revitalization

This treatment involves injecting PRP into a woman’s sexual organs, including the vagina and clitoris, to increase sexual wellness. It promotes the rejuvenation of the vagina, improving vaginal dryness, hence promoting sexual pleasure and health.

PRP penis shot

Your provider administers PRP to the penis shaft and head. The healing properties activate new blood vessels and nerve endings to improve sexual health and function.

Who is a candidate for PRP?

Modern Aesthetica works with you to ensure you find a personalized treatment that will better your life quality. Dr. Moghadam usually performs a comprehensive examination to identify your health concerns and your health goals.

He focuses on providing personalized treatment plans beyond your wellness goals. He will work with you to determine how PRP can benefit and improve your life.

Contact a PRP specialist today

PRP uses your body’s natural healing properties to provide various health benefits depending on your needs. Call Modern Aesthetica today to find out how you can benefit from PRP.

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