What Are Some Common Reasons for Toothache?

Several reasons can cause a toothache. For example, even the smallest food particle stuck between your teeth, a broken tooth, a severe gum infection, or any other oral disease can cause discomfort.

Toothaches can last about 3-4 days to weeks. However, if your toothache does not go away in a couple of days, book an appointment with Powell, TN dental services, and get the necessary treatment to avoid any severe damage.

Nevertheless, some common reasons for toothache below will help you identify your exact problem.

  1. Tooth decay

A person suffering from tooth decay might go through high pain and discomfort. It mainly is damage to your tooth’s surface because of bacteria. The bacteria produce acids that harm the tooth’s enamel, resulting in a hole or depression at the surface of your tooth.

Tooth decay can result in severe cavities affecting your oral health. In addition, if you do not seek professional help, tooth decay can be painful, and you might even lose your teeth.

  1. Abscessed tooth 

The main reason for an abscessed tooth is a bacterial infection. In addition, it is typically a pocket of pus on your gums or near the root that can cause severe pain and discomfort. The two types of tooth abscess are periapical, present near the root, and periodontal, which occurs on your gums next to your tooth.

Depending on the tooth abscess, it can either be painful or not. However, it does cause other bacterial infections and will spread inside your mouth if the pocket of pus is leaked, so make sure to treat it with professional help immediately.

  1. A broken tooth 

A broken tooth can be the result of an accident. While the material of your tooth is quite strong, it has its limits. Sometimes chewing something like ice or a piece of candy can cause a tooth fracture or break.

Another reason for a broken tooth is accidents involving a face fall where you hurt your jaw and can harm your teeth.

  1. Gum diseases 

Infected gums or gum diseases are a vital cause of toothaches. Gum diseases involve swollen gums, increased sensitivity, etc. Usually, the common gum disease that causes discomfort is gingivitis.

Although gingivitis is not very severe in most cases, if it is not appropriately treated, it can cause you unbearable pain. In addition, while gum diseases have severe painful effects on a person, they can cause tooth loss in adults if left untreated.

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