Ways to Curb Your Drinking Habit

There’s nothing as disappointing as trying to stop or limit alcohol intake, but you end up resuming your old habit. Regardless of why you want to quit drinking, it’s advisable to check with your doctor. Ashwin Reddy MD is a certified addiction psychiatrist, and he will help you recover from the alcohol use disorder. Here are some of the steps you can follow to curb your drinking habit.

Write down

Writing down the reasons why you want to stop drinking will motivate you. Do you want to start living a healthy lifestyle? Do you want to sleep better? Regardless of the reason, put it down in writing so you can always remind yourself why you started this journey.

Set a drinking goal

Start by setting a realistic drinking goal. Start by drinking below your drinking habit. For example, start by drinking four bottles if you drink six in a day. If possible, ensure the number of drinks is below the recommended quantity. However, consult your psychiatrist if you can’t meet your goals after a few attempts.

Don’t keep alcohol in the house

Have you ever heard of the ‘out of sight out of mind’ proverb? You will find it hard to resist drinking alcohol if you always see it in the kitchen. Discard all the alcohol in the house, and you will be surprised how your drinking habit has decreased.

Keep a diary of your drinking

Write down the goals you want to meet in a month, and keep a record of each bottle you drink. Also, don’t forget to include the location where you were drinking. Use the diary to determine whether you’re meeting the goals. You can always seek help if you’re finding it hard sticking to your set goals.

Watch out for peer pressure

You could be drinking a lot of alcohol because of influence from friends and relatives. Learn how to decline invites politely. Don’t feel obligated to accept all the drinks your friends offer you. If possible, stay away from those who influence you into drinking.

Keep yourself busy

Being idle will make you adopt bad habits like smoking and drinking alcohol. Instead, keep yourself busy by taking a walk, watching a movie, or playing your favorite sport. Identify your favorite hobby and spend all your free time practicing it.

Be persistent

You can’t just give up because you failed to meet your goal after a few attempts. You will have setbacks but learn to dust yourself and move on. The best way to be persistent is to join your local anonymous club for moral support. Don’t shy away from seeking medical help if you fail to do it independently.

Quitting alcohol is an uphill task that needs commitment and persistence. Let the many health benefits you experience after cutting down alcohol intake be your motivator. If you find it hard to quit alcohol by yourself, book an appointment with the 2nd Chance Treatment Center. Their qualified team will provide comprehensive outpatient treatment until you’re free from alcohol addiction.

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