Understanding Different Types of Thyroid Disorder

There is a part of your body that you can become ignorant of its function until it is no longer functioning as expected. The thyroid gland performs a crucial function in your body, ensuring that the body has energy. The special chemicals released from the organ facilitate metabolism. Once the gland fails to function as expected, you will experience unpleasant symptoms. Humble thyroid disorder specialists diagnose and treat any symptom related to the gland, ensuring you lead a beautiful life. Therefore, in this document, you will learn more about the different conditions that affect the gland.

  • Nodules

If you do not get enough iodine because of your diet and your lifestyle, you will feel some nodules developing on the thyroid glands. You will have to seek immediate treatment so that the physician can identify whether the nodules are cancerous or not. Also, if the nodules continue to enlarge, you will find difficulties breathing and swallowing, adversely affecting your health. However, you might develop nodules that do not cause any symptoms, but it’s essential to take precautions and see your physician.

  • Goiter

Is your thyroid gland the usual size, or has it enlarged to appear around your neck? If it has enlarged, then you are suffering from goiter. The engorgement is usually non-cancerous and results if you fail to have enough iodine levels in your body. As the disease remains untreated, you will experience rigidity of the neck, reduced ability to breathe and swallow hoarse voices, and even coughing. You should seek immediate health services, and the physician will diagnose and treat you so you can live a fulfilled life.

  • Graves’ Disease

Did you know that one out of two hundred people suffers from this condition? You will get a positive diagnosis for this condition if your white blood cells begin to attack the thyroid gland because they have mistakenly recognized it as a foreign body. The reactions between the immune system and the thyroid increase hormones in the body. Therefore you will experience nervousness, a bad temper, and excessive perspiring, among other unpleasant symptoms. The treatment you will receive from the hospital will minimize the discomfort caused by the condition and manage the amounts of hormones in your body.

  • Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

This is a chronic condition with a high prevalence rate. The condition also occurs due to an autoimmune response against the thyroid gland. Once the thyroid gets attacked, its ability to produce hormones reduces. Therefore, if the hormones responsible for the metabolism are limited, you will have body reactions such as a puffy and dry face and intolerance to cold. After you visit the physician, you will get a proper diagnosis and treatment that will raise the hormone levels in your body.

Primarily thyroid disorders manifest either because you are not producing enough hormones or excessive hormones. At the North Houston Diabetes Institute, the specialists diagnose and treat any thyroid condition you might have using innovative interventions. Therefore you do not have to bear the unpleasant conditions, and you can book an appointment with them today.

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