Top Reasons to Seek Sexual Health Services

We often learn about sex and sexuality through discussions with peers, parents, siblings, or teachers. As you age, you have to invest more in sexual health beyond understanding sex and its risks, including pregnancy, STIs, and abuse. An OBGYN, regenerative medicine, & hormone specialist Houston TX can help you adopt a healthier sexual life through various stages characterized by notable changes. The specialist can help you navigate the physical and emotional changes, especially considering their hormonal impact, making it easier to keep your sexual health at its best. Among the top reason to seek sexual health care service includes:

Hormonal considerations

Most people think of menopause when hormonal issues affecting sexual health are mentioned. While menopause is arguably the most notable phase that impacts your hormones, it is not the only stage that can cause serious issues with your sexual health. Changes such as due to pregnancy and/or childbirth, certain health concerns, and medications can also cause hormonal imbalance. In such instances, the specialist can diagnose and recommend measures like hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to address the symptoms and restore better sexual functionality.

Physical changes

Your body changes and shows physically, with aging signs being the most notable signs. Changes like vulva shape can impact your sexual health. You could become self-conscious, making it harder to enjoy sexual intimacy. Physical changes can extend to impacting your sexual sensitivity, challenging your quest to achieve the stimulation needed for pleasurable sexual activity.

Vaginal laxity, a common concern after vaginal childbirth, is among the physical changes that impact your emotional and sexual wellness. Others, like vagina dryness, common during menopause, also affect your sexual health. The specialist can recommend treatments ranging from HRT, labiaplasty, O-shot, and prescription medication to minimize the physical changes’ impacts on sexual health.

Mental aspects

Mental wellness is usually discounted, yet its impact extends to physical and sexual health. Stress could be the main culprit behind your erectile dysfunction, low libido, or conception struggles. Mental health issues can stem from relationship issues, financial constraints, work-related pressure, and traumatic events like the loss of a loved one.

Mental concerns could also be due to sexual health problems, such as self-consciousness following physical changes. During menopause, you can also experience mental problems due to significant hormonal fluctuations. Your specialist can help establish the root cause of your sexual challenges, including mental concerns, and recommend appropriate intervention ad treatment, making it easier to remain sexually healthy and active.  

Functionality issues

Sexual health care includes a focus on your reproductive organs. Besides facilitating sexual function, the organs are also involved in excretion. Concerns like urinary incontinence can hit, impacting your life quality. Urinary incontinence is a common concern after vaginal childbirth as muscles become loose. Your specialist can recommend treatments such as ThermiVa, which helps tighten the muscles, address urinary incontinence, and enhance sexual experiences.

Sexual health needs evolve as you age and your body changes. Keeping up with the changes can be overwhelming, emphasizing the need for professional care. Your specialist can help prepare you for the changes and recommend steps and treatments ideal for various concerns affecting your sexual health. Contact Reveal Med Spa today for all your sexual health needs.

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