Top Reasons to Consider Physical Therapy

Are you recovering from an acute injury or surgery or dealing with chronic conditions like arthritis that impact your physical function? Your doctor may recommend physical therapy for better recovery that could even help you avoid surgery in some cases. Forest Hills Advanced Medical Care diagnoses and treats movement dysfunctions caused by such concerns. Physical therapy uses conservative approaches to help manage musculoskeletal issues. The advantages of physical therapy include:  

Avoid worsening the problem

Injuries often worsen with certain movements. You don’t mean it, but some movements could exert more stress on the affected area and aggravate the injury, such as a tear or strain. Besides worsening the symptoms, including pain, aggravating an injury extends the time needed for recovery. A physical therapist (PT) diagnoses your condition to establish the extent of the damage. Following the situation, they help you pick safer and more functional movements to help manage pain and minimize the chances of aggravating the situation. This translates to better and faster recovery.

Speed up recovery

Physical activity is crucial for your recovery, but only when the right exercises are used. Physical activity helps in pain management and improves blood circulation, ensuring the affected area is well replenished for better recovery. Your PT will help you undertake safe exercise and adjust the intensity accordingly for functional impact. With their guidance, you’ll realize notable pain relief and faster recovery that could help avoid invasive treatments like surgery.

Improved function

After instances like a stroke, auto accident, and sports-related injuries, your balance, flexibility, and strength can take a significant blow. PTs tailor a physical therapy regimen based on your situation. They target the affected site and help restore balance, improve flexibility, and build strength. This allows you to regain more functionality, improving the quality of your life. While physical therapy is often seen as a treatment, it can also be used as a preventative measure. For instance, older adults can benefit from guided exercises to help enhance their mobility with limited risks of falls which are likely to result in serious injuries, including broken bones.

Better performance

Performance, especially for athletes and physically active individuals, is critical. The activities mean repetitive use, necessitating the right measures to prepare muscle groups and joints. When well prepared, you can significantly mitigate injury risks, an area a PT can help you address. The expert can help improve your efficiency by tailoring exercises targeted to certain areas for improved strength and flexibility. They can also help you adopt the right techniques that can lessen injury chances. With such progress, you can perform better for an extended period, making it easier to achieve your goals.

Physical therapy is often seen as a post-surgery or injury go-to, but it offers much more that helps you lead an active lifestyle. The therapy is handy in pain management beyond injuries and surgery, as it can help with pain caused by neurological concerns like Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis. Contact Advanced Medical Care today and learn more about how physical therapy can help.

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