Tips To Realize the Best Invisalign Results

An aligned and dazzling smile is now easier to achieve with modern innovative dental treatments. A smile says a lot about you, is among the most memorable features, and significantly impacts your self-esteem. As you look for ways to improve your smile Invisalign wins on many fronts, especially compared to traditional braces. Invisalign Cedarhurst offers a discreet and comfortable solution that can address many issues like over/under/open/crossbite, gaps, and crowded or misaligned teeth. So, how can you get the most out of the treatment? Here are some pointers to help you get the most out of Invisalign treatment.

Wear them as recommended

Aligners work best when you wear them long, with the recommended period being 22 hours. Wearing the trays for 22 hours means only removing them when you want to eat or drink anything besides water and managing your oral hygiene routine. They are removable, but you shouldn’t keep them off just because it is convenient to wear and remove. If you only wear the trays for a few hours, you’ll prolong the treatment period to realize the desired results.

Clean is best

Invisalign is discreet, but your oral hygiene can change that. They can get stained and readily visible, which could prompt you to remove them more so in social settings. Clean them regularly, such as every night and morning or at least once daily with warm water and anti-bacterial soap, but be gentle. Soaking them in cleaning crystals and using a soft-bristled toothbrush can also do the trick. This will help keep plaque buildup and bacteria away from the trays. Besides looks, hygiene helps avoid health issues.

Besides the trays, you should also maintain practical oral hygiene. Brushing and flossing won’t be much hassle since you can easily remove and wear the aligners. Try to clean your teeth after every meal before putting the trays back on, ensuring no debris since it can get into the aligners. If you can’t brush and floss, rinse with water or chew gum. Don’t skip dental cleanings, either. Your dentist can help ensure you thoroughly clean even the trickiest and hard-to-reach areas, keeping the aligners and oral hygiene at better levels.

Follow the schedule

Your dentist will tell you how long you should wear the set. Don’t push it beyond the limit since it may not fit the mouth, which slows progress. Typically, each set works for two weeks. Stick to the schedule and ensure you follow the right order for a smooth and more effective correction.

Proper storage

Don’t leave the trays lying about anywhere. Use the provided case and keep them where you can’t easily lose or get them destroyed. Hold on to the aligners from the previous set during the treatment. If you lose or damage the current set, you can use them as you wait for a replacement. This will help keep the process on track since going without them slows the correction.

Invisalign can supercharge your efforts to spot a dazzling smile while improving your bite, chew, and speech functions. Visit Amazing Smiles Orthodontics today for more information about Invisalign and recommendations to realize desirable results.

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