Tips to minimise recovery time after a cataract surgery

A cataract is a clouding of the normally clear lens of the eye. Most cataracts develop slowly over the course of years. The main symptom is blurry and cloudy vision, it could be like looking through a cloudy or frosty window. Cataracts can affect one’s daily activities and is recommended to replace the cloudy lens with an artificial lens to improve vision

In the spirit of Cataract Awareness Month, Isurgeon provides you with tips on how to minimise recovery time after cataracts surgery.

  • Do Not Rub, Touch or Aggravate the Eye

To minimize recovery time, it is crucial that after your cataract surgery you avoid rubbing or aggravating your eye. After the surgery it may feel as if there is a grain of sand in your eye, this might feel irritating, but this sensation will disappear. Do not use any soap or chemicals around the eye. Be sure to cover your eyes with sunglasses or a hat when stepping out, to avoid the sun and unfamiliar substances that will aggravate your eye. By not rubbing or irritating your eye, you will recover in no time!

  • Avoid Taxing Activities and Tasks

It is important that you rest your eyes, and they are not put under pressure after surgery. This means you cannot participate in any taxing activities, such as swimming, exercising-lifting heavy weights, minimizing the times you bend over as well as get someone to drive your vehicle for you as your vision could be unstable for the first few days after surgery. Avoiding taxing activities will heal your eyes faster and you will be back to these activities sooner.

  • Follow Instructions from Your Eye Surgeon.

It is extremely important that you follow your eye surgeon’s instructions post-surgery. Your eye surgeon knows best and understands when it comes to anything involving your eye health. It is advisable that you follow your eye surgeon’s instructions post -surgery, with regards to eye-care, medication, eye drops and eye shield procedures. Contact or visit Isurgeon if you have any eye concerns post cataract surgery and get in touch with our ophthalmologists. Best practices lead to recovery.

  • Attend Any Post-Surgery appointments

It is important that you attend any post-surgery appointments, a few days after surgery you should visit your eye surgeon for a check-up. This is to see if you have a delayed recovery and to check if there are any post-surgery concerns. For a speedy recovery you should schedule an appointment 1 week after surgery. Visit Isurgeon for eye tests for any other eye related concerns and to improve vision

  • Take it easy and stay healthy

After any surgery it is crucial that you get rest, take it easy and stay healthy. Cataract’s surgery can be stressful and scary, although you will not be in great pain after surgery. Your vision will be temporarily blurry and everyday life will be different. It is essential that during this time you take it easy, rest and keep your eyes healthy. This is so your eye can recover well and quicker.

These are just some of the ways you can minimise recovery time after a cataract surgery. If you are experiencing problems with your eyesight or know someone you know may have a cataract, an eye specialist in Johannesburg for an eye test and consultation.

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