Tips To Find Pediatric Plastic Surgeon

You might not associate plastic surgery with pediatric care, but it might be the best option when your child is born with congenital issues. Congenital issues and childhood trauma can host childhood health issues that might be disabling. Thus, you should look for a Portland, OR pediatric plastic and craniofacial surgery expert who understands the child’s health needs. These pediatric doctor scrutinizing tips will help your child receive the best care.

Select a Specialized Trained Surgeon

The pediatric plastic surgeon would be specialized in pediatric care, and they would undergo rigorous training. In addition to the four years of medical school, three years of pediatric surgery training, and three years of residency, your pediatric surgeon should engage in ongoing training. The American Board of Plastic Surgery verifies the pediatric and other surgeons certification, and ensures they take part in ongoing training and familiarize with new treatments and technology. Thus, certification and experience with children should be important when looking for a pediatric plastic surgeon for your child.

Specialized Care

You can choose pediatric surgeons specializing in specific congenital disabilities or injuries as they would be well informed on new treatments and patient care. Pediatric surgery should offer the best health and aesthetic outcome, and the surgeon should deal with the issues entirely to prevent future recurrence of the same health problems.

Post Pediatric Surgery Care

Your child should receive post-surgery care, making it easy for the wounds to heal properly. Children might develop exaggerated scars as the thickness of the skin determines the ability to heal. Children are prone to self-inflicted injuries due to high activity levels, and their wounds might not heal as expected. You should have a personalized pediatric expert who can guide you through the healing journey.

Schedule a Consultation Date

Before choosing a specific pediatric doctor, you can consult to learn about their services. Consultation might be an opportunity to scrutinize their work environment and how the healthcare specialists treat your child. In this case, you might rely on your feelings to judge how they treat the child. They might show the before and after pictures from previous children who have undergone treatment at the hospital.

Issues Your Pediatric Surgeon Will Treat

  •         Trauma injuries that cause laceration, hand, nasal and facial fractures might disfigure a child. Fortunately, you can correct the issues with pediatric surgery, which restores the injuries.
  •         Skin conditions might be the first reason for pediatric surgery as the surgeon can deal with moles, masses, keloids, scars, burn reconstruction, and elimination of birthmarks.
  •         Some children could have head shape anomalies from birth, and the pediatric surgeon can correct the issue. They conduct craniosynostosis and plagiocephaly, which restores the head shape.
  •         Your pediatric doctor will acquire facial differences and congenital issues like cleft lip and palate, deformities of the nose, ear, and facial paralysis.
  •         The pediatric specialist would care for a wound and help your child avoid deforming scars.

The Bottom Line

Pediatric plastic can resolve issues like congenital and acquired facial differences, skin problems, wound healing, and head shape anomalies. However, you should scrutinize the pediatric surgeon as the effects of the treatment will last for a lifetime. Contact a pediatric plastic and craniofacial surgeon in Portland, Oregon because finding a surgeon who can help your child overcome their health issue is vital.

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