Things You Didn’t Know Your OB/GYN Can Help You With

What immediately comes to mind whenever most persons think about OB/GYNs is pregnancy care and all that could be included in annual or other routine tests, including pelvic exams, pap smears, breast exams, and more. Nevertheless, your OB/GYN can assist you with more than just these issues. After all, an OB/GYN is a medical practitioner with extensive training and experience. Besides standard reproductive care, OB/GYNs provide a wide range of well-woman services. Check out this post to discover five things you may not realize the Womens Healthcare Physicians OBGYN may assist you with.

  •    Vaccinations

Numerous practitioners will tell you that offering vaccines is one of the most fundamental forms of healthcare they could deliver. Your OB/GYN could help you with keeping up with your vaccines, especially for women who see an OB/GYN as their primary care physician. If your gynecologist is your primary care physician, you can talk about other standard procedures such as colonoscopies and other health screenings that a woman needs throughout her life.

  •   Birth Control And Family Planning Counseling

Based on when you would like to have children, if any, and how many you desire, your doctor could advise you on the ideal contraceptive options. Unlike a primary care physician, your OB/GYN could provide more information depending on individual situations and understanding of your reproductive history and health. For those who are considering using contraception for a long time or even permanently, this is particularly beneficial.

  •    Weight Management and Monitoring

At the very least, plan a visit with your OB/GYN once every year. Such frequency will ensure that your chart has a detailed account of your weight history. Using this data, you and your specialist could discuss your weight concerns and appropriate methods to control them. Whether your aim is attaining a healthy weight for general wellbeing or upholding a stable weight throughout pregnancy, your OB/GYN is a fantastic resource. To help you with this, your provider can assess and check for diabetes, which is typically connected to being obese or overweight.

  •     Educating Kids On Reproductive And Sexual Health

If your daughter is asking questions and/or nearing puberty, you might feel uncomfortable addressing the physics of reproduction or her body’s transformations throughout puberty. Your OB/GYN provider could be a great partner and advocate in such a situation. Before you have ‘the talk,’ consult your specialist to see what they suggest.

Your physician could assist you by offering advice on making a difficult discussion go more smoothly. Thanks to their considerable medical knowledge, they could advise you on the appropriate language and the topics to include. Having the technical and medical skills to back up possibly emotionally charged topics can offer reassurance and understanding to a young woman going through significant changes.

  •     Transitioning From One Life Stage To Another

While addressing the physiological changes that occur as you transition through life stages, your OB/GYN could assist you in coping emotionally with these sometimes-challenging transformations. They could help you maintain your sanity when transitioning from puberty to menopause and beyond. Your specialist is also an excellent place to start when seeking recommendations from other experts, such as counselors.

When it comes to reproductive and sexual health, it is difficult to tell what is ‘typical’ and what could indicate an issue. Even if you might feel unsettled discussing various concerns, your OB/GYN has undoubtedly seen and heard it all and is there to assist you without any judgment whatsoever. Whether you are concerned about painful periods, vaginal odor, sexual discomfort, and more, reach out to the OB/GYN experts at Women’s Healthcare Physicians of Naples. Call the Naples, FL office or book an appointment online.

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