The Rise of “Green Beauty” – Should You Switch to Natural and Chemical-Free Beauty Products?

The term “green beauty” encompasses all sorts of skincare and beauty products that are made naturally. In layman’s terms, green beauty products refer to the type of products that are free from chemicals and use only natural ingredients. In some cases, brands will go as far as manufacturing these products using only renewable and sustainable resources. That makes these products safe as well as one hundred percent environment friendly.

Now the question is, why do such organic skincare products exist when we have been using synthetic ones for decades?

According to a 2020 report by the Environmental Working Group, 595 cosmetics manufacturers have gone on to use 88 different chemicals linked to cancer and birth defects in their products. And while government agencies are regulating the use of these chemicals, customers are still not satisfied. Even the slightest use of these harmful chemicals can lead to serious problems.

Thus the rise of green beauty, and the increase in popularity of natural and chemical-free products. This industry is revolutionizing beauty and skincare products to the point where green beauty is getting its own section at the 2021 Olympia Beauty Show

The trade show is regarded as autumn’s biggest event for beauty professionals and makeup brands. And to be a part of it, that too with its own dedicated area, goes to show how big the green beauty revolution is.

Having established that green beauty and chemical-free skincare products are popular among the masses, we move on to the main question for today. 

Should you switch from your usual skincare products to natural chemical-free ones? Let us try to figure it out.

Advantages of Using Organic and Chemical-Free Products

Organic skincare products are made using natural ingredients, which means they are free from harmful chemicals and artificial colors. The absence of these substances means that these natural beauty products will not cause any sort of irritation.

In addition to being free from chemicals, organic beauty products are also free from artificial or enhanced smells. That fragrance you get from them is completely natural, with slight inclusions of different essential oils.

Most importantly, organic skincare items are just as effective, if not more, than your usual beauty products. 95% of the contents in the organic ones are active ingredients, whereas only 10% of the contents in synthetic beauty products are active ingredients.

The nutrient content in organic skincare products is quite rich, thanks to the natural and chemical-free ingredients used to manufacture them.

For moisturizers, cocoa butter is widely used. They provide necessary fatty acids to ensure healthy and youthful skin. Besides skin moisturizers, cocoa butter is also found in organic makeup. 

Extracts from grapes, tea leaves, apricots, and pomegranate are used as antioxidants in different organic skincare products. These antioxidants inhibit enzymes like collagenase and elastase that help with skin aging and wrinkles.

Along with all these health benefits, organic skincare products are also good for the environment. Since they do not contain any harmful chemicals, you can dispose of them easily without having to worry about releasing toxins into the environment.

Disadvantages of Organic Products

One of the main disadvantages is that organic skincare products take a lot more time to start working. That is mostly because they do not have any chemical component in them to accelerate the process. The natural catalysts that are available to speed up the process are not as effective as their chemical counterpart. Hence, people often express their dissatisfaction with these organic products due to their slow reaction.

Despite being made of one hundred percent natural ingredients, you can still have allergic reactions to these products. In most cases, it is the essential oils causing these allergic reactions. 

Lastly, organic beauty products have a very weak fragrance, something you will need time to get used to.

Final Verdict – Should You Switch

Organic skincare products are without a doubt the best options you have. The safety and sustainability they offer are far better than the artificial enhancement that comes from synthetic skincare and beauty products. However, you might need some time to adjust to the organic lifestyle, especially if you are someone who needs quick results.

Whatever your choice is, the green beauty trend will continue. Synthetic skincare products will still dominate the market for a while. However, it will not be long until the organic ones start taking over, and become the more popular option among people.

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