The new age of neurology: neurologist NoMad in New York City

Neurology has emerged as one of the integral sectors of the healthcare or medical sector. The term’ neurology’ stands for the study of nerves. As the name suggests, the neurology branch depends on diagnosing and treating cases involving the nervous system, such as the brain, peripheral nerves, and spinal cord. The methodologies used in neurology heavily depend on whether they are deeply studied and approved by neuroscience or not. When looking for one of the prominent neurologists in the USA, one should turn to neurologist NoMad in New York City.

According to recent studies, the most prevalent neurological diseases in the USA are migraines, stroke, and dementia, to name a few. Wondering what these diseases are really about? Read ahead to know more.

Primary diseases of neurology prevalent in the USA


It can be listed into various types. However, one of the most prevalent is peripheral neuropathy. This type of neuropathy is also broadly termed neuropathy, which describes the damage caused by a disease that affects the nerves of a human. If damage occurs to the nervous system, the major symptoms are impairment of sensation, movement, gland, or organ functions. Simply put, neuropathy affects the autonomic, sensory, and motor nerves, showcasing different symptoms in different impairments. It is possible that more than one kind of nerve can be affected simultaneously. Peripheral neuropathy can be regarded to be acute or chronic. It can also be temporary or permanent.


This disease is the general term used for the decline observed in a person’s cognitive abilities that affects the ability of a person to perform day-to-day activities. The sectors of the nervous system associated with this disease are memory, thinking, and behavior. Keeping impaired memory aside, a disruptive pattern is observed in their thought system, which includes handling emotional problems, linguistic difficulties, and reduced motivation. Dementia affects the patients as well as their patients significantly, as it is extremely tough to witness your loved one forgetting the memory of you.


This condition is caused by the poor blood flow to the brain, due to which the cells tend to die. Strokes can be divided into two types: ischemic and hemorrhagic. Ischemic stroke occurs due to the lack of blood flow, whereas hemorrhagic occurs due to bleeding.

To sum it up!

Neurology has been the epicenter of the medical industry, wherein hospitals find a heavy inflow of neuro patients annually. Educating about neurological conditions and their symptoms is imperative, as early measures can save lives. 

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