The Most Advanced and Effective Way to Treat Signs of Aging – Venus Freeze


None of us are immune to the signs of aging, which includes wrinkles, loss of elasticity and sagging skin. However, there are aesthetic treatments to help reduce the signs of aging and prevent premature aging signs. You don’t have to go under the knife to regain your youthful skin. The various advancements in cosmetic dermatology achieve it in a non-invasive way.

Secret to young and healthy skin:

Venus Freeze is a painless treatment that utilizes pulsed magnetic field and radio frequency waves to deliver anti-aging effects. The resulting cell-stimulation makes the skin healthy. It is a relaxing treatment with little after-effects. If you are considering giving this a try, schedule an appointment with a specialist and find out if you are an ideal candidate.

Reach out to Laser Plus, QC for excellent medical aesthetic services. Their skilled team is led by Dr. Merizzi who has 20 years experience in this field. They offer a wide range of advanced non-invasive cosmetic solutions that deliver long-lasting results. Talk to your team about your concerns and they’ll walk you through the process.

People of any age and skin tone who have minimal laxity are suitable for this. Pregnant women, patients with active infections, metal implants in the area to be treated, auto-immune disease and those who underwent recent surgery aren’t ideal candidates for the procedure.

Procedure involved:

The Venus Freeze skin tightening device comprises of two hand-pieces each containing four and eight electrodes to treat small and large areas respectively.

  • You’ll be asked to come in for the procedure with a clean face sans makeup.
  • The specialist gently cleanses your skin and applies a glycerin gel which serves as a protective barrier between the device and your skin.
  • A combination of magnetic field and radiofrequency waves are directed on the site of treatment.
  • The rays heat the tissue beneath the skin surface
  • Skin’s natural healing process is triggered which boosts collagen and elastin fibres production.

The procedure can last for 15 to 30 minutes and you may feel slight pain. Many say it feels more like a hot stone massage. Inform your specialist if you aren’t able to handle the heat. The skin gradually tightens over time and the signs of aging are less visible. The recommended number of weekly sessions is 6 to 8 for the face and 8 to 20 for the body.

You may notice slight changes in your skin after the first session and the effects are more prominent after 6 sessions.  Continue with the monthly maintenance sessions for long-lasting results.

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