Surprising Facts About Telehealth

Most healthcare facilities and health networks are now adopting the new technology incorporating telehealth to provide care. It has also changed how healthcare providers administer care to their patients. In most cases, telehealth allows doctors and other healthcare providers to offer services when you are at home through phone calls or video calls. Therefore, telehealth saves the time and resources incurred when traveling to the facility. You can seek telehealth Fullerton, CA, services especially if you have tight work schedules preventing you from attending doctor’s appointments because they allow you to receive care from home. Below are surprising facts about telehealth.

Physicians can resolve your issues in your first appointment

Even some telehealth visits usually require in-person consultation, meaning you must go to the hospital, especially if you suffer from urgent medical problems. However, there are some concerns that your care provider can deal with during your first telemedicine visit. Most patients using this technology can receive the care they need by logging into their computers, tablets, or smartphones.

Most clinic visits and consultations can also be handled using telehealth

Of importance to note is that most of the patients that visit the emergency department usually suffer from conditions that can be handled at home. For this reason, telehealth can offer services to people suffering from minor health conditions to help prevent hospital overcrowding, thus allowing quick delivery of health care services. Therefore, healthcare facilities should embrace this technology, thus allowing patients to receive care from home where they are comfortable and reducing risks of cross-contamination and the spread of contagious diseases.

Telemedicine visits are addressed with prescriptions

You should note that most telehealth visits can be resolved with medical prescriptions. Usually, most patients treated using telehealth do not need to be examined by a care provider in person to be given a prescription. In most cases, patients usually describe the symptoms they are experiencing over a video or phone call. The doctor then prescribes certain medications they can purchase from a nearby pharmacy.

Most telehealth visits treat low-acuity conditions

Most telehealth visits usually deal with less serious medical conditions like flu and sinusitis. Usually, the common cold affects most people, leading to fever, sinusitis infections, coughing, body aches, and other respiratory problems. Even though these conditions are not life-threatening, they might inconvenience most patients.

Is telehealth for senior citizens

Most people believe that telehealth is limited to offering health services to senior people. However, it is not the case because anybody who uses telehealth has their needs addressed. As long as you have a phone, computer, or tablet, you can receive telehealth, regardless of age and social class. Telehealth can serve high-risk pregnant mothers, pediatrics, and organ transplant patients.

Telehealth has been evolving in various ways, thus allowing people to receive healthcare services from home. Therefore, if you are suffering from less serious health concerns such as the common cold flu, there is no need to go to the hospital; instead, you can use telehealth and consult your care provider on which treatment is best for you. Suppose you are interested in receiving telehealth services. In that case, you can call Upper Echelon Medical today, and you will be guided on the steps or process you should follow to enroll in telehealth.

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