Simple Ways to Prevent the Neck Pain

When embracing the new tactics to have good health, maintaining neck health should be on top of the list. Usually, your neck is the organ that links your head to other body parts while helping you turn around in different directions. This organ also protects the nerves which transmit signals from different parts of your body to your brain for interpretation. The high flexibility of the neck exposes its muscles to strain and injuries, which triggers discomfort in this organ. Chronic neck pain can hinder your capacity to conduct day-to-day activities, thus lowering your productivity. Fortunately, Asher Goldstein MD has provided the following ways to prevent neck pain, thus ensuring that you live on top of your life.

Sleep Right

You are more likely to have experienced discomfort in your neck after waking up. This instance proves a connection between the sleeping position and neck health. For instance, sleeping on your stomach usually increases the chances of neck twisting, which causes stress within the neck muscles. Instead, sleep on your back to ensure that your spine is aligned properly, thus staying in tune with your neck health.

Lift Weight Uniformly

Many people carry heavy loads on one side without knowing the harm they are causing to their necks. Essentially, lifting the purse on one side usually triggers imbalance along the shoulder which eventually causes strain on the neck muscles. Ensure your shoulders are at the same level whenever you lift the loads. Additionally, you should lighten the purse and carry on what is necessary.

Stay Hydrated

The spongy structure along your neck is crucial in preventing friction along your neck. These structures have fluid whose high proportion is water. Unfortunately, when you are dehydrated, the water will find its way from these structures to other body parts, exposing your neck to stiffness and discomfort. Therefore, you should drink plenty of water daily to achieve optimal hydration. Consider your health and climatic condition when making the hydration plan. 

Exercise Your Neck

Like other body muscles, the neck muscles are meant to keep moving. You boost their flexibility and strength through physical exercises for your neck. A stronger neck is less likely to experience injuries. Make a strict physical activity routine and incorporate simple neck exercises such as chin tuck exercises.

Manage Your Stress

You may think there is no link between stress and neck health, but you are mistaken. Notably, when you are stressed, your body releases the stress hormones such as cortisol which heighten the tension along the neck muscles. Therefore, if you notice stress symptoms, you should adopt the stress management measures such as deep breathing to maintain your neck wellness.

Neck pain is one of the common conditions affecting many people worldwide. While slight discomfort along the neck can improve after a few days, chronic neck pain usually affects the victim’s quality of life.

Therefore, you should do whatever it takes to minimize the risk of this condition. For example, you should adopt the proper sleeping position to avoid unnecessary stress on your neck. Drinking plenty of water is also necessary to keep your neck healthy.

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