Signs You Need Help with Substance Abuse

Many people who are deeply entrenched in substance abuse, whether it be alcohol or drugs, are usually the last to recognize and admit that they have a problem. Even when their closest family and friends are already voicing their concerns and directly telling them they should seek help, the substance abuser could still easily and deftly convince themselves that there is nothing to worry about.

However, there are also those who have a much higher sense of self-awareness, and so are more open to heeding advice, or at least considering that they may indeed be in need of help. If you find yourself beginning to make introspective questions about your life choices, and they seem to constantly involve alcohol or drugs, then you might need to check these signs to confirm if you need help for your substance abuse problems.

You Experience Withdrawal and Anxiety

Having withdrawals is an indication that your body has already gotten so used to having the substance in your body, that to suddenly not have it is enough to wreak havoc in your system. Early symptoms may include nausea, vomiting, headache, and fever.

The longer you refrain from intaking your preferred substance, the more the symptoms escalate to more uncomfortable versions, including hallucinations, insomnia, and even seizures and delusions.

It’s possible for you to already feel some symptoms as early as a couple of hours. This could bring about nervousness and anxiety, because you don’t feel confident without the substance pumping through your veins.

Most certainly, this is indicative of substance dependence, which would warrant immediate help for detoxification.

You Observe Behavioral Changes in You

Your friends and family have been trying to tell you for a while now: you don’t seem like yourself. However, you’ve been shrugging it off, saying they have no reason to be concerned because everything’s fine.

But then you think about why they might be saying those things about you. Maybe you’ve been impatient and snappish, or you may have been more reluctant to hang out with them, preferring to isolate yourself and be withdrawn.

Substance abuse alters the chemicals in your body, after all, and thus it’s not surprising that this would have an impact on your behavior and emotions as well. You may suddenly find yourself disinterested in things that you used to care about. You may even find yourself uncaring for people that you should care about.

All you can think of now, and what you’re most looking forward to, is when your next score of the substance is going to be. In this case, you might want to seriously start considering seeking professional help for substance abuse before it gets even worse–because it will.

Why Seek Help

Seeking help for detoxification from institutions like Villa San Miguel Detox & Wellness can help you reset and get rid of your substance dependence. If you want to regain control of your life, then you must first address the main cause that got you losing your motivation and focus.

Of course, the buck couldn’t just stop at the drugs or alcohol. There have to be deeper reasons why you turned to these substances in the first place. That’s why VSM detox for all patients also includes counseling and therapy–to get to the bottom of their issues and to help them address and overcome the same.

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