Signs It’s Time To See A Sleep Medicine Specialist

Most people often assume sleep disorders as normal life issues they can resolve. However, any problems with your sleep usually indicate a severe concern that should be addressed medically. Sleep disorders are common and can give birth to other severe health conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, weight gain, and heart disease. Fortunately, NY metro sleep services can help resolve disruptive sleep disorders affecting your life.

Nevertheless, most people aren’t aware of when they should seek help for their sleep disorders, thus ending up suffering severe consequences afterward. Let’s examine the top signs of catching a sleep disorder early before it causes much damage.

1. Waking often throughout the night

Generally, a healthy night’s sleep doesn’t involve any periods of unconsciousness during your resting hours. Besides destructive sounds from either a crying baby or barking dogs, there should be no reason for you to wake often during the night hours. Therefore, if you often wake in the middle of the night for no reason, it is a sign of an underlying issue that requires urgent intervention. Poor sleep quality typically results from disruptive behaviors like irregular breathing, nightmares, or sleepwalking. However, you should visit a sleep medicine specialist if waking up often negatively impacts your sleep.

2. Consistent snoring or gasping throughout the night

Although snoring is the most common disruptive sleep habit, many people don’t give it much attention. Unfortunately, frequent snoring usually indicates an underlying problem. If you snore loudly to the extent that you or your partner are awake at night, you should see a sleep medicine specialist sooner. Snoring usually occurs due to restricted airways factors, as obesity can cause. Also, loud snoring or gasping indicates the existence of obstructive sleep apnea. If snoring or gasping has become a major issue affecting your sleep quality, don’t hesitate to seek treatments.

3. Drowsy feelings during the day

Although taking an occasional nap during the daytime can help recuperate energy, feeling the need to sleep during the day is a sign of sleep disorders. Your body is typically meant to function throughout the day and rest effectively at night steadily. Regardless of your current lifestyle or routine, feeling sleepy during the day is a warning sign that should be addressed immediately. If this is a condition you feel often, don’t hesitate to see a sleep medicine specialist.

4. Waking up exhausted after a full night’s rest

You should get at least 8 hours of quality sleep every night. However, if you sleep for these recommended hours and still wake up tired, it proves there is an issue with your sleep quality. Also, having trouble reaching a deep sleep state can cause fatigue even after sleeping for more hours. This can be caused by depression, stress, and anxiety. If the problem persists, consider talking to a sleep medicine specialist.

5. You take longer before you fall asleep

Averagely, an adult should take between 5-20 minutes to fall asleep. Therefore, if you require more than 30 minutes to fall asleep, it indicates you have a sleep disorder. While this can happen due to external forces like thinking about your schedule tomorrow, you should get checked if you’re struggling to fall asleep without an obvious reason.

Sleep is a critical factor enabling you to carry on with your daily routine. Therefore, it’s paramount that you receive quality sleep and eliminate any sleep disorders. A sleep medicine specialist can help you navigate the issues affecting your sleep and provide long-term solutions for your wellness.

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