Self-Care Tips That Will Help You Prevent the Shoulder Injuries

The shoulder pain is the last thing that you may want to have under the sun. Usually, this condition occurs when you have injuries on the shoulder muscles or dislocation of the joints. While mild shoulder discomfort can resolve alone, chronic shoulder pain can last for more than three months, thus interfering with the quality of your life. Fortunately, you can embrace certain guidelines to lower the chances of shoulder pain and continue living on top of your life. The Scottsdale AZ comprehensive musculoskeletal care physicians recommend the self-care tips below to prevent shoulder injuries.

Adjust Your Sleeping Positions

The chances are that you have ever woken up with discomfort in your shoulder. This instance shows a connection between sleeping positions and shoulder health. Although it is advisable to sleep on your side, sleeping on one shoulder for a long time can increase the chance of strain on the muscles. Therefore, you should keep alternating your side when sleeping.


You may not know how risky it is for your shoulders when you engage in activities with cold muscles. Usually, jumping into sporting activities without mild exercises puts your shoulder muscles under sudden strain, which can ignite shoulder problems.

Whether you participate in baseball or volleyball, preparing your muscles with light stretches is good before beginning the activity.

Work Smart

Individuals whose occupations require them to sit for long hours are at a greater risk of developing shoulder problems. The seemingly simple activities, such as operating the computer mouse, can harm your shoulder when you do not position yourself correctly. You should therefore adjust your working environment ergonomically to safeguard your shoulders.

For example, you should invest in chairs that help you sit upright, thus avoiding stress on your shoulder.

Cross Train

Physical activities play a crucial role in boosting the strength and flexibility of your shoulder joints. However, engaging in similar activities involving overhead movement can cause repetitive strain on your shoulder. Therefore, if you conduct activities such as swimming, you should shift over time to other exercises such as biking to alleviate stress from your shoulder.

Similarly, if you are a construction worker, you should request your supervisor to change your role more often to keep your shoulder healthy.

Listen to Your Body

Sometimes it can be tempting to continue with your favorite sports even with an injury. This is a bad idea since you risk developing more complicated shoulder concerns. You should take a break if you experience shoulder discomfort, no matter how minor it could be.

Talk with your trainer about that occurrence to guide you on the way forward. For example, depending on the severity of your shoulder pain, they can contact your healthcare provider.

Your shoulder joint is essential when conducting your day-to-day activities, such as lifting. Unfortunately, the high flexibility of this organ predisposes it to injuries. Therefore, you should pay close attention to this joint daily. Make lifestyle changes and adopt the ones that do not compromise the shoulder joint. For example, you should warm up before starting physical exercises to prepare your muscles. Improving your working environment is also necessary to ensure that you adopt the correct posture when sitting.

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