Questions you must ask before hair transplant

Before you decided that it’s a hair transplant you needed, you must have weighed in so many options. It’s not a decision you make overnight. You have to explore the best way to save you money and, most importantly, give you a smoother experience with fewer headaches and no glitches.

The road to a successful hair transplant can be bumpy, but you can flatten it by asking the right initial questions. Following are some of those questions you need to ask and get answers to before going through the procedure.

Will there be a doctor present during the procedure?

There are so many clinics that operate without a doctor, and an easy way to weed such out is the quote. If they give you a cheap quote, most likely, there’s no doctor involved.  Get to know if there’s a specialist participating and the role they’ll be playing. Again, you need to know how many such procedures they perform in a day.

 Ideally, a doctor can only perform a maximum of two in a day, and therefore asking around the many clients they serve in a day would tell you whether there’ll be a doctor to oversee the process or not. Some quacks purport to carry out procedures in some rented apartments where the surgery is done in the bedroom. That may sound easy and a good option but dangerous. If you know what surgery is all about, you’d want it done in a fully equipped hospital.

Is the doctor qualified to perform the procedure?

Due to the increased demand for hair transplant surgeries, many doctors have switched roles to this rather lucrative practice. Thus many doctors are doing hair transplants and aren’t qualified. If you bump into that kind and you’ve an emergency or the procedure is unsuccessful, you’ve yourself to blame.

 You need to confirm that the doctor majors in hair transplants and whose credentials are internationally recognized. Find out if they’re members of ISHRS, which would help reassure you that you’re in the hands of the right person. Unqualified professionals will always carry a risk of not being able to deliver the expected results.

Is the clinic fully equipped to perform the procedure and handle emergencies?

You don’t want to get into a hospital and in the middle of a procedure; you’ve to be referred to a hospital some miles away. Before you agree to undergo a hair transplant procedure, ensure the clinic is fully equipped with enough human resources and equipment to handle any emergencies and a place you can comfortably recuperate. Avoid hospitals in hired apartments and whose pricing seems low- that is an indication that they may be lacking the necessary equipment and personnel.

Am I worthy of a hair transplant?

Most men are suitable for hair transplants but not all experience success in the procedure. It is therefore important for you to find out if you’re the right candidate. One of the things you need to know is that you must have a dense and healthy donor region. The baldness level is also a factor- if your baldness is advanced, you may need advice, so you don’t feel disappointed if the procedure isn’t successful.

The above questions will help you give you More information and make a better and more informed decision before choosing a hair transplant. Don’t be in a hurry, and as you walk to the hair transplant specialist, you need an open mind, which sometimes would mean you take an alternative procedure.

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