Primary Healthcare Services; What to Expect

We have to take care of and maintain our health. It is also the role of your care provider to provide the necessary care when you are in need. Your health matters either way, and it should come first. Your choice of primary care provider should include comprehensiveness, professionalism, access, and availability. Dr. Andrew Chow, MD, an internal medicine specialist at Triad Primary Care, looks forward to serving you with patient-centered services. This article provides you with details on what to expect in primary healthcare.

Physical exams

Your physician performs physical exams to evaluate your health. In addition, it includes tests and assessments to review your health status. The physical exams and tests help detect any health issues.

Usually, physical exams should be routine doctors recommend having them every year. It is critical for both children and adults. After your physical exam, your provider advises on how and where to improve your lifestyle.

There are different types of physical exams, including

  •         School physicals
  •         Immigration physicals
  •         Camp physicals
  •         Immigration physicals
  •         Sports physicals
  •         Pre-employment physicals
  •         Department of transportation

Routine physical exams are essential and provide you with the following health benefits.

  •         Early treatments and diagnoses
  •         An improved relationship with your doctor
  •         Solutions to your health-related questions and problems
  •         Ways to improve your health
  •         Health tracking over time

Medical weight loss

Excessive weight puts your health at risk of health issues, including heart disease, diabetes, and more. Weight loss remains a challenge to many people. But with the help of a medical provider, you can achieve excellent and lasting results.

A medical-guided weight loss program ensures you sustain your diet and habits even after achieving your desired weight. Before designing a customized medical weight loss plan, your provider assesses your health status and lifestyle. The plan includes the following

  •         Exercise
  •         Diet changes
  •         Medications
  •         Behavior medications

Family and primary care

It involves the basic medical services you and your family need in your daily life. It promotes and enhances your well-being. Where you need special care, your provider refers you to a specialist. It involves the following health and wellness services.

  •         Labs and testing
  •         Sick visits
  •         Physical exams
  •         Chronic disease management


Access and availability of healthcare are important, so is the convenience. Telehealth allows you to access your care provider from your convenient location. Your provider can discuss your symptoms or follow up on your treatment without you having to go to the office.

Telehealth also provides an effective and accurate way to receive your test results. It protects your privacy, saves time and cost, and prevents the risk of infections or disease contraction.

Covid-19 test

It’s a diagnostic test for COVID-19 disease, a viral infection that is highly contagious and life-threatening. Having the Covid-19 test helps protect yourself and others from the disease. The team at Triad Primary Care offers different types of Covid-tests, including rapid and PCR COVID-19 tests.

After your test results, your provider advises on the necessary measures.

Your health is wealth; having a primary care provider to walk your health journey is essential. Dr. Chow and the team at Triad Primary Care offer comprehensive healthcare services to promote your health and wellness. Get in touch with them to schedule a consultation.

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