Preparing for Your First Chemical Peel

Chemical peeling is a great way to rejuvenate the glow in your skin. It must, however, be done with the utmost care especially because facial skin can be very sensitive to chemical applications.

The process of chemical peeling involves the application of an exfoliating solution. This will then cause the old skin cells, usually, the surface and middle layers, to peel off, giving way for the growth of a new, fresh layer.

With this process, you can enjoy a more youthful glow and look, thanks to the minimized age spots, crow’s feet, scars, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, and even sagging skin. If you’re considering getting chemical peeling for the first time, make sure to get an appointment from reputable dermatology Huntsville AL institutions. Also, here are some helpful tips you could use.


Before your facial session, make sure to drink lots of water to hydrate. This helps make your skin supple, which maximizes the benefits you can get out of the chemical peel. If you’re using any products that cause dryness to your skin, it’s advisable that you pause them first a few days before your appointment to not counter the hydration you’re trying to achieve for your skin.

Mind Your Schedule

One thing that first-timers don’t realize is how strong the after-effects of chemical peeling can be. If you’re expecting to attend a major event, it’s best to get your session done at least a couple of weeks ahead so that you can truly look your best for it.

Relax During Session

The treatment itself typically lasts about an hour. The technician will gently apply the chemical solution to your face and then you just wait for it to be absorbed by your skin. You can use this time to relax or even sleep if you want since you’ll be lying on the procedure chair anyway.

What you can expect from this is a tingling sensation, or sometimes, even a bit of itchiness. This is completely normal, however, and should be no cause for concern. However, if you suddenly feel any other unusual discomfort, you should immediately tell your attending technician about it. This is also why it is very important for you to disclose any skin conditions or sensitivities prior to the session.

After the Session

Chemical peels are supposed to peel off the old skin on your face, so that’s what you can expect after your session. It doesn’t always happen immediately, but nonetheless, it is ideal that you stay out of the sun to not damage your skin.

Let the process occur naturally; don’t force the peeling of the old skin as you could end up wounding or bruising your face. The chemical peel solution goes deep into the skin’s layers too, so expect the entire process to take anywhere from seven to ten days. Again, this is why it’s ideal that you set up your appointment at least a couple of weeks before a big event.

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