Oral Health Issues That Might Make you Susceptible to Severe Conditions

Sheldon Kupferman, an expert in cosmetic & general dentistry in Bronx, NY, asserts that though the early stages of dental decay might not have symptoms, your dentist might spot the signs through a dental X-ray. Decay results from consumables like fruit juices, sweets, fizzy drinks, and chocolate that cause plaque acids to develop on your teeth, gradually affecting your tooth’s enamel and dentine. While sugar is good for your overall wellness, its accumulation on your tooth’s enamel might result in tooth decay. However, adopting good dental practices can help minimize your risk of losing your teeth.

Oral health conditions you might get with poor oral hygiene

Improper caring for your mouth can be hazardous. Bad breath, tooth decay, teeth sensitivity, gum disease, and tooth loss wait to attack your oral health, leaving you susceptible to severe health issues. The conditions include:

  • Dental caries

Also referred to as tooth decay, dental caries occur when plaque forms on your tooth’s enamel, converting the free sugars into acids. As a result, the acid destroys your enamel over time. Continued accumulation of the free sugars on your teeth without brushing them off with fluoride substances will eventually lead to decay, pain, and infection.

  • Oral cancer

Oral cancer is an umbrella covering various forms of the disease, including cancers of the various parts of the mouth like lip cancer up to the oropharynx. Though most cases of oral cancer result from alcohol and tobacco use, the condition is not a preserve for such individuals.

  • Periodontal disease

The condition primarily affects the gum tissues surrounding and supporting your tooth. The initial signs you are likely to have with periodontal disease include swollen gums, bad breath, and pain. In severe cases, your gum detaches from your teeth, resulting in weak teeth that might fall out. Leading causes of periodontal diseases include poor oral health and tobacco use. 

  • Noma

The severe gangrenous ailment of the mouth and face mainly affects malnourished underage children around 2-6years. The disease starts as a tiny gum sore and develops to gingivitis, rapidly growing and destroying your gums’ soft tissues. Eventually, noma might destroy your hard tissues and facial skin. The condition can be fatal, especially when you fail to seek professional help. Additionally, survivors of the oral health ailment might encounter difficulty speaking and severe orofacial disfigurement, requiring complex surgical procedures. However, early detection and treatment might halt the progression process 

  • Oro-dental trauma

Such conditions result from injuries to your oral cavity, teeth, and mouth. Oro-dental trauma might result from oral factors like teeth misalignment. Treatments of such traumas can be lengthy and some might involve tooth loss, significantly affecting your facial structures and overall wellbeing.

Your child’s teeth are at risk of developing dental caries as soon as they start appearing. By sharing spoons or toothbrushes, caregivers might also transfer cavity-causing bacteria to young children. Like adults, cavities significantly affect children, preventing them from concentrating on school activities.

Getting your child on a healthy oral journey plays a significant role in helping your child overcome various dental issues, including gum disease. Do not wait for the right before embracing oral health practices when you can contact your dentist to enhance your oral health.

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