Neck pain and ways of coping with it

The posture you are used to may greatly influence various pain and discomfort areas when switching positions. This may be especially significant for people who spend all day in one place, such as those that work with computers for most of the day. It is common for people with these jobs to experience Las Vegas neck pain. This neck pain can be quite discomforting and can affect your workplace productivity. More about neck pain and various management techniques are discussed below.

What is Neck pain?

This is a typical condition characterized by pain and discomfort around your neck resulting from strain due to poor posture. The poor posture might come from hunching over a workbench or leaning over your computer. Neck pain may also result from osteoarthritis.

Neck pain, though on rare occasions, may indicate an underlying, more serious problem. Therefore, it is recommended that you seek medical attention if the neck pain also constitutes a decline in strength or numbness in your hands or arms or shooting pain down your arm or into your shoulder.

Signs and Symptoms

Some of the typical signs and symptoms may involve:

  • Muscle spasms and tightness
  • The pain worsened by holding your head in one position for a long time, such as when driving.
  • Headache
  • Reduced ability to move your head

Most neck pain fades away with home treatment. However, visit your doctor if the neck pain comes from an injury or accident. Contact your physician if your neck pain:

  • Persists for several days without relief
  • Is severe
  • It is accompanied by numbness, headache, tingling, or weakness
  • Spread down your legs or arms


Since the neck supports the weight of your neck, it is flexible and can be prone to injuries and conditions that restrict motion or cause pain. Some of the leading causes are as follows:

  • Your neck joints may become worn out with age. Conditions like osteoarthritis may also cause the cartilages between your vertebrae to deteriorate and form bone spurs that cause pain and hinder motion.
  • Overuse of the muscles through hours fixed in a particular posture may cause muscle strain in the neck.
  • Whiplash injuries from rear-end auto collisions may strain the neck’s soft tissues.
  • Bone spurs or herniated disks in the neck vertebrae may compress the nerves that branch from the spinal cord, causing pain.
  • Diseases such as meningitis or rheumatoid arthritis can cause neck pain

Diagnosis and Treatment

Your doctor makes diagnosis usually begins with a physical exam. After going through your medical history, additional tests that may be required include:

  • Imaging tests like CT scans, X-rays, and MRI scans
  • Electromyography to measure the speed and location of nerve conduction and function
  • Blood tests

Treatment may involve medications like:

  • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation
  • Physical therapy
  • Short-term immobilization
  • Traction
  • Surgical procedures that may be needed include:
  • Steroid injections to relieve pain
  • Corrective surgery to relieve nerve root compression

Most people may associate neck pain with general tiredness, especially in the evening after work. You should look for medical assistance from a professional, especially if the pain persists. Check out our website for any neck pain inquiries, or call our offices in Las Vegas, NV.

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