Learn the symptoms and treatment options available for allergies

Allergy is common to both children and adults, and it causes irritating symptoms that usually affect your quality of life. Some allergies are severe such that you get to scratch your body until itchy skin rashes appear. In such cases, you are advised to seek urgent medical attention to help ease the discomfort. There are experienced and qualified specialists like Dr. Adil Fatakia Marrero who uses state-of-art allergy testing to determine the cause of your symptoms. They also offer the best allergy treatment. Below is all you are required to know concerning allergies.

What are allergies?

Allergy is a broad term used to refer to a reaction of your immune system to something you ate, touched, or inhaled. Generally, the substances that usually cause an allergy are those that cannot cause any harm. But when you have an allergic reaction, the body sees the allergen as dangerous to your health. Common respiratory allergens are mold, dust, pet dander, or pollen. Contacting any of the named allergens sets off unpleasant symptoms that can make you feel uncomfortable and affect your daily life.

What are the symptoms of allergies?

In most cases, allergy symptoms usually differ, varying with the type of allergy you have. But in case you have a food allergy, you might experience a swollen rash or experience nausea, or vomiting. It is essential to know that the health care specialists in the facility specialize in respiratory allergies that affect your throat and nose. Respiratory allergies usually cause a rash, cough, blocked nose, running nose, watery or swollen eyes, and itchy eyes. In allergy cases, you are required to seek prompt treatment to prevent the development of chronic conditions, including postnasal drips. You can also have regular headaches, especially when suffering from upper respiratory infections such as sinusitis. The health care facility also has a laboratory well equipped with the necessary items needed for convenient and quick diagnosis of allergies.

How are allergies treated?

For the successful treatment of allergies, identifying the specific cause is essential. Therefore, after determining the particular cause of your allergy, your care provider then creates a treatment plan that minimizes the symptoms you might be experiencing. You should stay away from allergens that your body reacts to when you contact them. You can also be given some medications to reduce the symptoms you might be experiencing. Additional treatments available include:

  •         Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy is given when managing chronic conditions like allergic asthma and allergic rhinitis. Despite this method consuming time before it works, it is very effective. The treatment involves giving allergy drops or shots beneath your tongue. The shots constitute allergens in small amounts to help your body get used to the allergens, calming your symptoms down.

  •         Balloon sinuplasty

It is a procedure performed to help open blocked or clogged sinuses to help you breathe efficiently. The health care providers use a state-of-art in-office operating health facility to perform image-guided sinuplasty to treat sinusitis, among other concerns.

The symptoms of allergy include itchiness which can be pretty uncomfortable. Therefore, if you contact a particular allergen to which your body is reactive, and you are interested in seeking treatment for your concerns, call or visit the ENT of New Orleans today. You can get started by booking your appointment online.

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