Is beer bad for your health? 

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A much-discussed discussion is about how healthy beer is for you. Those who are against beer say that it is evil to drink beer, while in the past beer was healthier to drink than water. But is drinking beer bad for you? In this blog we will address this question. 

Drinking beer 

you may know it when you drink a beer on a Friday evening. You’ve just had a long working week and you are ready for your favorite beer, you even take your special cool leffe glass out of the cupboard. Most will say a well-deserved beer, but not everyone agrees. Some say that if you like to drink a beer you are an alcoholic when you are not. 

When beer is bad for you 

It is obviously not good for you if you drink too much beer. Your mood changes, you eventually lose control of yourself, your liver is severely affected and if you kick it all the way you can get korsakoff. Korsakoff is that you incur damage to the brain so that you can lose certain memories, when it goes to Korsakoff you are also no longer able to take care of yourself. 

Usually, a drinking problem is associated with other problems. For example, alcoholism usually arises from depression, loneliness, or from losing hope in life. Beer is then a way to relieve this pain, to no longer feel the pain if an alcoholic wants to remain under the influence. In this case, beer is indeed bad for you. 

When can beer does not do much harm 

Sure, beer isn’t necessarily the healthiest thing to drink, but it isn’t bad for you either. If you occasionally drink a beer, there is nothing to worry about. It can actually be compared to eating fries, now and then it can’t hurt. but if you eat too many fries, you will gain weight. Likewise with a beer, only if you take too much it has serious consequences. When you occasionally drink a beer, the liver also has more than enough time to filter the beer. Too much beer is bad for the liver because the liver can no longer filter the amount of alcohol. 

In fact, if you drink a beer every day, you can’t be called an alcoholic, so an occasional beer can’t hurt at all. So you can enjoy your favorite beer in the evening.



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