Improve Your Self-Esteem With Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry has evolved over the years into a very highly regarded profession in the dental field. Cosmetic dentistry includes all of those procedures that improve your smile, mouth and gums. It doesn’t just make you look good for the moment, but it can help you feel better too. The first purpose of cosmetic dentistry is, of course, to enhance the look of your smile, which makes you more appealing to others. There are various ways that an orthodontist or dentist can do that, such as:

Bonding: This is the process of adding another substance to a damaged tooth so as to improve its physical health. There are many different materials that can be used in this process, such as: Dental acrylics, enamel coating, bonding resin, dental composites, bonding resin, and composite bonding.

dentisterie esthétique usually combine several processes in order to provide the best result for their patients, and they may also combine some of these procedures together in one surgery to increase the benefits that they can achieve for their patients.

Bonding works by making the enamel of the tooth stronger and more resistant to staining. If the enamel is weak and porous, for example, a small amount of staining may be able to penetrate it easily, but if the tooth is strengthened and made less porous, the plaque will have a tougher time sticking to it.

Veneering: Another very important aspect of cosmetic dentistry involves covering and concealing dental issues, and veneering is one of the most popular procedures used for this. Basically, veneers are false teeth. They are designed to look like regular teeth, and they can be found on either front top or bottom. Over time, the gaps between the teeth can cause dental issues and unattractive-looking appearance, and veneers can be used to cover those gaps. Veneers are usually bonded to the surface of the tooth through a process called adhesion gels.

Gum lifts: Gum lifts are very popular cosmetic dentistry procedures. This procedure is used to improve the shape, size, and appearance of gum tissue. The process does not involve any surgical procedure, and it can even be done at home, although you should take care to have the surgery performed by a qualified and licensed cosmetic dentist. During the procedure, the doctor will raise the gums to a higher level so they will appear healthy and trimmed. Then, the gums are pulled back tight, which will tighten the surrounding tissue, as well. This will make your smile look younger and healthier.

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