How to Lose Weight With the Gastric Balloon Procedure 

Gaining unwanted weight can make you feel self-conscious about your appearance. You may desire that beach body but can’t get the desired results with strict diets and workouts alone. One of the fastest ways to increase your chances of losing weight is to sign up for a gastric balloon procedure. It allows you to meet your weight loss goals without going under the knife or going through a painful recovery for weeks. What is a gastric balloon and how does it help people lose weight? 

Understanding the Gastric Balloon Procedure

A gastric balloon is a small inflatable balloon that is inserted into the stomach to help reduce the amount of food consumed by an individual daily. The primary instruments needed to perform this procedure are laparoscope and the gastric balloon itself.

A laparoscope is a tube-like instrument with a camera used to look inside the body through the mouth. The doctor uses the laparoscope to look down the patient’s mouth. This helps the doctor lower the gastric balloon through your mouth and into your stomach accurately without damaging the body’s vital organs. After this has been done, the gastric balloon is loaded with saline solution.

The patient is usually placed under anesthesia and the entire procedure takes just 20 to 30 minutes. The medical procedure for inserting gastric balloons is non-surgical. What this means is that the process does not break the skin or make any physical mark on the body.

If you desire that summer beach body but you’re not getting the results you want through strict diets and workouts alone, gastric or stomach balloons might be a good option for you. Although there are benefits to using them, the models that cannot be adjusted cause discomfort for patients.

What Does a Gastric Balloon Do? 

Primarily, a gastric balloon procedure gives the impression of a half-full stomach by taking up most of the space that you would normally fill with food. You will be tricking your body into thinking you’re full even when you eat half the size of your regular ration. Subsequently, you will consume fewer calories.

The procedure for the removal of the gastric balloon is also performed via laparoscopy. You would be given a sedative. After that, the balloon is deflated and removed with an instrument called a grasper that is passed down to your stomach through a tube.

The Spatz3 gastric balloon is the most durable and effective gastric balloon in the market. It can last for up to 12 months before removal without degradation. Right after the insertion of the gastric balloon, your diet will need to consist of liquefied food or soft meals for a few weeks. It would be advisable to stay away from hard or solid meals. You can slowly go back to eating regular food after the recommended time elapses.

Benefits of the Spatz3 Adjustable Gastric Balloons

Spatz Medical created a one-of-a-kind adjustable gastric balloon that counteracts specific side effects of the less efficient standard models. Some advantages of the adjustable gastric balloon are listed below. 

Adjustable to Suit Your Needs 

Spatz’s model is an adjustable gastric balloon that can be used to increase or decrease it. These controls enable it to get smaller when you want to reduce your rations and bigger when you want to increase it. This helps to reduce discomforts that might be caused by the wrong size.

Impressive Success Rate 

With adjustable gastric balloons, the success of weight loss increases significantly compared to the conventional options. Apart from weight loss success, it also helps with weight management long term. With the adjustable balloons, you’re more likely to maintain your weight loss after the balloons have been removed compared to traditional options. 

Chances of Blockage and Obstructions Diminish Significantly 

When patients can adjust their stomach balloons, the possibility of a gastric obstruction occurring due to its use reduces significantly. It isn’t going to be flushed down your intestines or cause intestinal blockage. 

More Weight Loss

While using the adjustable gastric balloon, you can expect your weight to drop drastically over a few months. You can lose as little as 10kilograms and as much as 50 kilograms. This is usually dependent on many other factors, which include your dedication to your new diet and your new exercise routine. You are advised to maintain your diet and exercise routine after the gastric balloon has been removed to prevent weight gain. Everything works together. It’s not a magic fix.  


After the successful insertion of the Spatz3 adjustable gastric balloon, you would now notice that you would not feel as hungry as you used to and you will get full eating less than half of your previous rations. After it is removed, there is a chance that you’re not going to feel full as fast so you need to be dedicated roe your new diet and exercise routine.

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