How to Find a Physiotherapist in Scandinavia

Travel can be educational, provide new perspectives, and be a lot of fun. The Scandinavian nations of Denmark, Norway and Sweden are fascinating places to visit. Imbued with the spirit of the Vikings, these countries have a unique character with many foods to sample, places to visit, and activities to try. Outdoor sports and hiking are quite popular but these activities can be tough on the body. While visiting the Nordic countries, you might find yourself in need of a physiotherapist. Fortunately, they are not hard to find in any of the three countries. Let’s learn about each of them.


The nation of Denmark is a beautiful place to visit with plenty of things to do. You will also have no problem getting physiotherapy should you need it. For those who enjoy hiking with scenic vistas, the Råbjerg Mile is an excellent choice of activity. The largest moving dune in Europe, this seaside nature trail offers stunning views of the ocean, forests and sand dunes. Perhaps the best-known landmark of the dune is the Sand-Covered Church. The structure was dedicated to Saint Lawrence of Rome and built in the late 14th century. 400 years later, it was completely covered in sand. The original church was demolished but the tower still stands, emerging from the sandy dune.

If you come up sore after your trek over the dunes, Denmark has plenty of physiotherapists conveniently located in its urban areas. The Danish Association of Physiotherapists is more than 100 years old and includes subgroups on acupuncture, sports therapy, musculoskeletal therapy and many more specialties. It’s a good place to begin a search for a physical therapist in Denmark.


One of the world’s most beautiful natural phenomena can be experienced in Norway and you don’t want to miss it. The Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights, are visible in Northern Norwegian cities such as Lillehammer, Tromso and Svalbard from September through March. This spectacular light show put on by Mother Nature will create memories that last a lifetime.

Trudging through the outdoors in the cold months of Northern Norway may tweak a few muscles and tendons. Fortunately, physical therapists offer massage and other treatments throughout Norway. There are both private-practice therapists and those in the public sector, many of whom work in local hospitals. The Norwegian Physiotherapist Association is one of the founding members of World Physiotherapy and contains listings of qualified physiotherapists throughout the nation.


Sweden is an outdoor adventurer’s paradise. There are over 100,000 lakes in which you can swim, boat or fish. There are national parks where you can see all kinds of local flora and fauna. Hiking and biking trails are very popular as most Swedes love to be outside. Skiing and snowboarding are available throughout the winter months as there is no shortage of snow.

If the vigorous outdoor exercise proves to be a bit too much, Sweden has about 13,000 physiotherapists of which 10,000 are members of the Swedish Association of Registered Therapists. A visit to the association website can point you in the right direction.

When it comes to outdoor activities, nature and physical challenges, you won’t many places better than Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Ancient Viking culture, beautiful cities along with mountains, forests and the seas await intrepid visitors to Scandanavia.

In the event of a pulled muscle, sprain, or any type of injury, all three of these countries have plenty of qualified physiotherapists. You can get the treatment you need, feel better and get back to adventuring. Thanks to the physical therapists, when you get home, all you will remember are the good times.

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