How Premeds Can Maximize International Volunteer Trips

If you’re a premed who wishes to reinforce your portfolio, enhancing your science gpa calculator isn’t the only solution. You need to consider international volunteer trips to reinforce your resume. As much as local volunteer trips serve the purpose, international volunteer trips are beneficial in terms of experience and exposure. For one, you’ll get into the reality of what your career life would be like once you’re done with your studies. Keep in mind that you’re going to interact with people from cultures and different backgrounds. Therefore, you need to apply some tips to help you get the best out of it. Below are some ways in which you can maximize your international volunteer trips.

Focus on growing from the experience

To ensure you don’t suffer any disappointment and feeling like you weren’t to do everything you had planned you should recognize your limits. Keep in mind that it’s unrealistic to want to bring about major changes within a short time and that includes the poorest of settings. First, you need to have a good understanding of the situation and get some experience in public health, international development, or medicine. Also, enter volunteer work to learn.  The thing is as you apply to Medical School HQ, the admissions committees will focus more on how you grew from the experience and not what you did for the locals.

Observe Confidentiality and Dignity

A medical career is so sensitive that exercising confidentiality and dignity is mandatory. As a practicing premed, keep in mind that sharing information about your patients goes against medical ethics. Also, sharing photos of patients in plight on your social media might portray you as a hero but the damage it does to the patients’ dignity is unexplainable. Ensure that you remain confidential especially when dealing with sensitive cases. This way, your international volunteers will be nothing but a wealth of experience.

Maintain Ethical Standards

To get the best out of your international volunteers, you need to practice maximum ethical standards. For instance, it’s unethical to perform an operation procedure as you’ve not yet gained the required expertise. Throughout your volunteer work, consider all the medicine ethical standards if you want to get the best out of it. Additionally, be open to decline any task offered by the seniors if you feel you can’t do it. Remember, one critical rule in medical care is not causing harm.

Take Time to Learn The Culture Of The Locals

Choosing a medical career means that you have a big heart that accommodates all kinds of people. This character trait counts when you’ve embarked on international volunteer trips. As much as you’ve gone to provide help and medical care to the locals in question, you need to familiarize yourself with their way of life. Take time to listen to how they view life, understand their way of life, and how they handle challenges. Also, talk with the local medical caregivers and understand how they offer health care. By doing so, you’ll be in the best position to work together with them as you’re more aware of their culture.

While there are many volunteer opportunities for premeds, taking international volunteering has its benefits. It not only exposes you to different languages, but it will also challenge you in ways that will help broaden your horizons culturally.

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