How Hemp Seed Oil Can Help Your Muscles, Joints, and Skin

Hello hemp seed oil, we love you!

Seriously, the hemp oil benefits are just out of this world amazing and we are so glad to see this natural remedy get the attention it really deserves.

Hemp seed oil is derived from pressing oil from hemp seeds found in the cannabis plant. But its just the good stuff for our health that comes with it, meaning there is no THC and basically no risk of getting high as a result. It is important to remember that hemp seed oil is not CBD oil—they both are just derived from the same plant. But the way the oil is extracted is completely different!

This is great news, as it means that hemp seed oil can really just do the job we need it to do in our body and create a healthier life for us. Hemp seed oil is actually considered to be a superfood because of the amazing nutrients jam packed in it that our body desperately needs! This include fatty acids like Omega 3 and Omega 6—which are super important for us to be getting on a daily basis.

There are a whole range of hemp seed oil benefits that will help our body, including our muscles, our joints and our skin. We will break it all down so you can get a holistic picture of how hemp seed oil can help you!

  1. How Hemp Seed Oil helps your skin

The nutrients in hemp seed oil are the ones our skin desperately needs to stay healthy! In fact, it is the fatty acids found in hemp seed oil that allow our skin to glow and look smooth. These fatty acids also allow our body to fight off clogged pores that too often lead to inflamed breakouts and unwanted signs of aging. Hemp seed oil is great to use to fight against a range of skin problems that include eczema, dermatitis, acne and rosacea.  But you don’t have to just get skin care products that have hemp seed oil as a main ingredient. Your skin will see similar benefits from simply adding hemp seed oil to your diet, as your body will still absorb this naturally and be able to divide up the fatty acids from the hemp seed oil to help with a range of issues your body is trying to tackle and cope with. Hemp seed oil is proven to make your skin shine and make you feel fabulous!

  1. How Hemp Seed Oil helps your brain

Yup, you read that one correctly! Not only does hemp seed oil help your skin, it equally helps your brain! This is because the fatty acids that hemp seeds carry are able to be transferred right up to the brain and protect it from getting inflamed. When our brain is inflamed, we often suffer memory loss and are at risk of developing dementia or Alzheimer’s. Hemp seed oil is an effective and natural way to fight against inflammation in our brain and ensures we are well looked after! This is great news, as the more natural remedies we can feed our body the better our body is able to absorb the nutrients and put them to good use—way better than medication full of lab induced chemicals!

  1. How Hemp Seed Oil helps your muscles

Hemp seed oil helps all of your muscles, including your heart! This is because hemp seed oil is able to attack any threats of inflammation to any part of your body by using the fatty acid nutrients Omega 3 and Omega 6 found within the oil. For the heart, this has shown that people can reduce their risk of developing high blood pressure and cholesterol—two things that ultimately dictate your heart’s health! But hemp seed oil also looks after the muscles who often cramp and get sore. This too is caused by inflammation and helps our muscles recover better or not have to feel as much pain. No one wants to deal with sore muscles or live in pain every day. So why wouldn’t you consider using hemp seed oil to help you out a bit!

Hemp seed oil is able to help your body out quite a bit! It can help your skin look fabulous and prevent those unwanted breakouts. Skin is our biggest organ and we want to ensure it stays healthy and minimize risk of inflammation! Hemp seed oil also helps with our brain and heart from getting too inflamed as well. This allows for our body to be able to offset any risks that come with inflammation of the brain or heart—including diseases that could dictate the rest of our life! And of course,  hemp seed oil helps our muscles recover faster and allows us to move a bit easier without having to be in pain from cramps and aches all the time!

There are so many great benefits from taking hemp seed oil! 

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