How Efficient Is Viscosupplementation for Alleviating Knee Pain?

Millions of U.S. citizens have osteoarthritis. This degenerative joint disease results in pain, inflammation, and lack of mobility. Besides, it could affect any joint, but the knee is particularly vulnerable. Sadly, osteoarthritis has no treatment and could significantly affect your level of physical activity and life quality. There are multiple conservative care alternatives for arthritis, ranging from pain relievers to physical therapy. However, these techniques are not always sufficient. At Naples Regenerative Institute, Glenn Flanagan, MD, acknowledges how knee arthritis could impact your life. Whenever conservative options fail, he employs viscosupplementation to alleviate your osteoarthritis-related symptoms. For more information regarding Naples viscosupplementation, read on!

What Is Viscosupplementation and How Does It Help with Knee Arthritis?

Synovial fluid lubricates the cartilage between the bones in healthy, non-arthritic joints. This fluid keeps cartilage soft and slick, allowing your joint to move freely.

There is reduced fluid in your joint once you have arthritis in your knee. Relatively dry joints are more prone to be rigid and uncomfortable, worsening the symptoms of arthritis. In some circumstances, loss of fluid might hasten joint degeneration.

Synovial fluid contains hyaluronic acid, which contributes to its slickness. Viscosupplementation is a procedure that replenishes hyaluronic acid to the joint capsule through an injection.

When you use viscosupplementation to add hyaluronic acid to your knee joint, you could improve lubrication. It renders moving simpler and less uncomfortable, and some studies suggest that it could encourage your body to naturally produce additional hyaluronic acid.

What Should You Expect with The Viscosupplementation Procedure?

If knee arthritis affects your daily life, viscosupplementation may be an effective therapy choice for you. Whenever pain medications and other conservative procedures fail, viscosupplementation could help reduce discomfort without surgery.

Dr. Flanagan might recommend viscosupplementation following a thorough examination of your knee, prevailing symptoms, and health records. Based on the degree of your arthritis, he might suggest a course of 1-5 viscosupplementation shots.

The injections add hyaluronic acid to the synovial fluid in your knee. Whereas every injection only takes several minutes, you must refrain from vigorous exercise for 48 hours thereafter.

If you are having several injections, they can be spread across a few weeks. Within weeks of finishing your injections, you should experience a significant improvement in pain.

Are Results from Viscosupplementation Permanent?

Most individuals who benefit from viscosupplementation experience pain alleviation for up to six months. If your viscosupplementation outcomes are satisfactory, you may progress to receive injections for protracted pain relief. Dr. Flanagan and his staff can create a care plan tailored to your unique requirements.

Although viscosupplementation could help with knee pain, it might not be effective for everybody. Talk to your doctor to find out more concerning your alternatives if you have attempted conservative therapies for knee arthritis without benefit.

It could be disheartening when you have attempted all of the typical conservative therapies for knee arthritis yet experience substantial pain. With viscosupplementation, you do not have to worry about the complications and risks associated with surgery as this procedure is non-invasive. Make an appointment at Naples Regenerative Institute through mobile or request one online to get started.

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