How do I Choose High Quality Weed?

After determining the strain of weed you want to use, the next step is finding a weed store. Even after finding a dispensary near you, you may not be sure whether what you’re buying is good. Here are some of the characteristics of quality weed.


Cannabis that is well cultivated and preserved has a sweet aroma. If the flowers are emitting a strong fragrance, they are said to have a loud, dank, or odor, which helps determine the weed quality. Cannabis also emits different aromas such as pine, diesel, or skunk. A musty-like smell in cannabis is an indication of low quality, poorly cured cannabis and advanced age. Avoid hay smelling marijuana since this could be an indication of poorly cured weed or low terpenes level. Go for skunkier and floral smells when shopping for marijuana.

Flower Structure

Skillfully cured cannabis is light and fluffy. But, their content is tight and dense. Hard flowers may indicate that the cultivators used growth regulators, which can alter the taste. If the flowers are incredibly fluffy, it could suggest that the plant was not grown in enough light. Avoid buds that have visible stems and loose buds.


High-quality cannabis should be green and not brown. Mature and properly pollinated marijuana contains some orange hairs. If you see this sign, you should know that you are getting quality weed. The shade ranges between light, frosty greens with an undertone of gold and purple. If a bud appears yellow, tan brown or rusty red, it is a clear indication that it was harvested from an unhealthy plant. Buds that appear white have suffered light burns and unfavorable growth conditions for cannabis due to exposure to extreme high-intensity light. These buds do not give quality vaping experiences and should be avoided.


Quality cannabis is free from pests and molds. This issue is common, especially when the cannabis is purchased from unregulated markets. A mold affected bud contains white powder or grey fuzzy depending on the type of mold. Insects and pests may leave eggs, fecal materials, or some dead problems in your buds; please do not smoke them.


The main goal of proper cannabis growing is to produce positively packed buds with ripe Trichomes on the buds’ surface. In the Trichomes is where terpenes and cannabinoids are stored. It is easy to determine the Trichomes density in the bud using your naked eyes. The Trichomes sparkle like crystals and cover the bud. Trichomes ripeness helps in deciding whether the bud was harvested at a mature stage. However, you cannot determine Trichomes ripeness without using the magnifying glass.  Ripe Trichomes should be milky white or with a hint of amber. If the Trichomes ends are clear, that shows that the plant was harvested prematurely.

Tested Products

The surest way to ensure that you buy quality weed is to purchase lab-tested products. You can check the certification of different weed stores by visiting their websites. You will find that tested products contain minimal contaminants, and there is a good they are of high quality.

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