How Apple Cider Vinegar Helps Your Hair and Scalp

Is shampoo good for your hair?

This is becoming quite a debate in the beauty world. Many argue that shampoo has harmful effects on your hair and actually ruins it.

But we are here to counter that. In fact, shampoo is good for your hair. There is a whole range of new shampoos that have been launched that are proving to really help your hair. One of these is apple cider vinegar.

So many people have begun asking, is apple cider vinegar good for hair?

And the short answer is yes! Apple cider vinegar shampoo is a fantastic treatment for hair that is curly, frizzy and often dry.

But why is it good for your hair? We are going to explain all the reasons why and hopefully convince you to add this product to your own hair care routine.

  1. It creates a healthy scalp

What does your scalp have to do with your hair? Everything, actually! Your scalp is absolutely key to your hair being healthy, as it is what keeps your hair attached to your head! If your scalp isn’t healthy, how can you expect to grow long, healthy hair? This is where apple cider vinegar shampoo comes in to help. It ensures that the natural acidic levels on your scalp don’t get too out of control and allows your hair to grow long and silky.

  1. It ensures your scalp and hair work together

Apple cider vinegar is a great mediator between hair and scalps. This is because the shampoo is able to decrease any pH levels and thus prevents your hair from becoming dull and a tangled mess! The science behind what this shampoo is quite incredible, and you can expect to see your hair be repaired quite quickly!

  1. It is a protector for bacteria

This shampoo is equally great at keeping any unwanted bacteria or fungi from growing on your scalp. It is actually quite common for unwanted bacteria to become trapped on the scalp and cause your skin to freak out! The two most common freak outs are your skin becoming inflamed or your skin getting super clogged up with dry skin flakes known as dandruff. Both suck to have, and apple cider vinegar shampoo can help eliminate both problems!

  1. It is full of essential vitamins

Your skin and hair need vitamins to function, just like the rest of your body! This is why apple cider vinegar shampoo is so powerful. It holds a range of vitamins like vitamin B, vitamin C, and potassium, all of which are vital nutrients to keep your scalp healthy and your hair glowing.

  1. It helps your curls stay intact

Calling all curly haired peeps, this shampoo is something you want to certainly consider! The formula allows your beautiful curls to be frizz free while also being bouncy, making your hair the envy of everyone else! There is nothing worse than your thick hair being weighed down by too much moisture. Apple cider vinegar ensures that it does not happen. In fact, it ensures that your hair will be light, bouncy, and care-free!

  1. It helps your hair grow faster

Did you know that the healthier your hair is, the faster it will grow! So in the grand scheme of things, apple cider vinegar shampoo actually helps your hair grow faster! This is through a range of things, such as keeping your scalp healthy, your hair follicles strong and stimulating blood circulation in the region to help the hair grow fast! That is a pretty awesome benefit to apple cider vinegar shampoo if you ask us.

  1. It is not as expensive as you think

Just because celebrity hair stylists endorse apple cider vinegar shampoo does not mean that it is unattainable. In fact, this naturally made shampoo is cost-effective and something that the average household income could easily afford. Plus, your hair is worth investing in anyway, right? As an added bonus to being so cost friendly, this shampoo does not have any damaging chemicals, so it completely debunks the theory that shampoo is damaging to the hair because of said chemicals.

  1. It is not too acidic

Some people might argue that apple cider vinegar shampoo has too much acid for your hair. The apple cider vinegar is undiluted and pure, but this is in no way a bad thing! In fact, it is a great thing! This means that the treatments will be impactful and take place quickly! You just need to be smart about how consistently you use it and do so with what works best for your own hair type. But don’t worry, your hair won’t smell like vinegar. It will smell of those beautiful lavender and rosemary essential oils.

Apple cider vinegar shampoo is an amazing product revolutionizing the beauty industry. Give it a go, it has proven to work on so many heads of hair. You are sure to get a beautiful head of hair too.


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