Head Lice: What Are Head Lice?

Lice are very small insects that parasitize people and cause a disease known as pediculosis. Their food is exclusively blood. Head lice prefer warm, dark, and humid environments, and they lay their eggs in our hair strands.

There are three stages of development in the louse’s life cycle. The female species lay eggs, called nits, wrapped in the glue that keeps them attached to hair strands. About a week later, the eggs release the nymphs (lice in their early stage). After nine to 12 days, the nymphs reach adulthood and feed on blood and mate, completing the cycle.

Over its lifetime, the average number of eggs that the female produces is 150 to 300 eggs. Places where the temperature is higher facilitating the proliferation of lice and, the higher the temperature, the faster their development inside the eggs. This justifies the increase in the number of cases during the summer.

How Is The Transmission Of Lice?

To get rid of head lice immediately, you need to understand how they are transmitted. Although we are talking about an insect, lice cannot fly or jump. Transmission takes place in two ways. It can be through direct contact when, for example, we touch our heads to take a picture or through the shared use of objects such as hats, helmets, brushes, combs, and even pillows.

After all, how to get rid of head lice immediately?

To get rid of head lice immediately, it is essential to adopt some hygiene measures and make a habit of paying attention to small details in everyday life that can make all the difference. Getting rid of head lice is not always easy.

Eliminate Head Lice: Symptoms

The most apparent symptom of pediculosis is itching.  The presence of eggs is then confirmed that there are lice on the scalp to be eliminated as quickly as possible. The light-colored eggs are called nits and are about 1 mm long.

You often don’t think about getting rid of head lice because you don’t notice their presence. Eggs can be confused with dandruff and therefore unrecognized. When in doubt, there is a simple method of distinguishing lice eggs from dandruff. It’s enough to blow through your hair. If the white part that looks like dandruff comes out and flies away, then it’s just dandruff. Otherwise, they are louse eggs.  Eggs are laid with a potent glue at the base of the hair.

In this case, you shouldn’t waste time; you need to get rid of head lice as soon as possible. It should be noted, however, that these small parasites do not pose a health hazard. Their presence only causes itching and, at the most, dermatitis, and therefore they are just irritating. Unfortunately, however, they spread easily from one person to another, and that’s why they should be eliminated as quickly as possible. Don’t forget to visit a doctor like Lice doctors Houston if it becomes worst.

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