Hair Transplantation – Everything You Need To Know

While seeking hair transplant there are uncountable number of questions running in your mind which you often search online. In the present world of easy internet access you can grab a lot of information but you know where to read the content from.

Here is all the essential information associated with the procedure for your knowledge and understanding. If you are seeking for the best hair transplant in Jaipur then see for yourself the most talked hair transplant clinic: Medispa hair transplant clinic, the best place for complete solution of your hair loss.

Hair transplant procedure

Hair transplant is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that is performed by harvesting the hair follicles from the respective areas of your body termed as donor areas and the transferring these harvested hair grafts to the desired bald areas. The donor areas for the hair transplant should specifically be chosen based on the residing hair roots that should be permanent or DHT resistant. The hair transplant is an elective procedure but it is not necessarily feasible in all the patients looking for the procedure. The hair transplant surgeon assesses various aspects while checking for the feasibility of the procedure.

Now everyone is aware that the procedure uses your own hair which makes it mandatory for you to have sufficient numbers of hairs to be transplanted in order to produce the pleasant hair coverage.

Principle and concept behind hair transplant

The hair transplant procedure offers the permanent outcomes which look absolutely natural. The concept behind the hair transplant procedure involves the harvesting of the handpicked hair grafts that are DHT resistant. The hair loss involves those hairs that are DHT sensitive and posses the receptors for the androgenic hormones. These over sensitive hair follicles undergo hair loss.

On the other hand the DHT resistant hair follicles do no undergo hair loss and stay permanent. The hair follicles contain its genetic composition in its root itself thus when the DHT resistant hair follicles transplanted to the desired area they stay permanent as prefer the theory of donor dominance.

Therefore, you can expect the permanent outcomes following hair transplant when your surgeon have chosen the right hair follicles for the transplantation.

Hair transplant techniques

The hair transplant can be performed using two primary techniques that are explained as follows:

  1. FUT hair transplant: This technique involves the harvesting of a section or strip from the selected donor area which is then divided further to harvest individual hair grafts that retrieves the hair graft for direct transplantation. The donor area is sutured back using the advanced approach termed trichophytic closure which heals the donor site with almost invisible scarring. The procedure is mainly indicated in cases where there is need of around 3000 – 3500 hair grafts generally in the extensive bald cases and high density hair transplant.
  2. FUE hair transplant: This technique of hair transplant is employed by pulling or extracting the individual hair graft from a greater distance using a motorized specialized device for punching. The individual hair graft is punched under the skin at a specific angulation to extract the hair grafts that are then directly transplanted to the desired bald areas. This technique is somewhat a blind method to extract the hair grafts thus should be performed under expert vision. This technique could successfully harvest around 2000 -2500 hair grafts which make it indicated in early hair loss or facial hair transplant cases.

Benefits of the hair transplant

The hair transplant procedures are been well accepted among the hair loss sufferers and has become the ultimate solution to hair loss because:

  • The results offered by hair transplant are permanent as only the permanent hair roots are transplanted at the desired bald area.
  • The hair transplant delivers absolutely natural looking results if the hair transplant surgeon has artistic vision to design the natural looking hairline.
  • The procedure is low maintenance based as like your existing natural hair you need not take care of the transplanted hairs too.
  • The procedure goes completely pain free so you need not be scared of the term surgery associated with the procedure.
  • The hair transplant procedure do not cause any morbidity after the procedure and you can resume you routine life from the very next day while taking few precautions told to you.

Hair growth after hair transplant

If you are expecting immediate hair growth after hair transplant then you might be choosing the wrong procedure as the results would take some time after the procedure. The hair growth after hair transplant follows the similar cycle as your other natural hair. After few day of hair transplant you would observe shedding of all your transplanted hair followed by which the process of hair growth initiates.

After 3 months of the procedure you would be able to see some hair growth which would become clearly visible after 6 months of the procedure. Probably after one year you would be able to appreciate the complete hair growth.

How much does hair transplant cost in Jaipur, India?

Hair transplant cost in Jaipur would probably be around 60,000 to 400,000 INR which varies as per the factors associated with the cost including sex of the patient, extent of baldness, need of the hair grafts, type of hair transplant and credentials of the hair transplant surgeon performing the procedure. Most of the clinics would quote the cost of the procedure based on the numbers of hair grafts to be harvested which would cost you around 20 -125 INR per grafts.

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